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Xie, Guang

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Guange Xie, MD (China), LAc

Guang Xie completed a five-year program in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Gangsu College in China, where he also served as an assistant professor, lecturer and associate professor, as well as deputy chief editor of the Medical Journal of Gangsu College. He also studied for one year at the Beijing Academic Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine where he majored in medical literature research.

Dr. Xie has published 16 academic research papers in various national medical journals in China, and has co-authored 6 books, including:

  • The English-Chinese Encyclopedia of Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine -Gynecology
  • Detailed Guidance to Application of Classic Herbal Formulas
  • Explanatory Discussion on Fundamentals of TCM
  • Explanatory Summation of How to use Chinese Herbs
  • Techniques for Using Twin Chinese Herbal Medicines Properly

Faculty Info

  • Lecturer, Clinical Sciences
  • MD (China), Gangsu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1983

    Beijing Academic Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1984

    Licensed Acupuncturist

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