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Candy Washington, LMT

Cwashington1Candy Washington has taught in National's massage therapy program since 2004, first as a teaching assistant, and later as the lead instructor for the Fundamentals of Massage course.

"The Fundamentals of Massage course is pivotal because this is where students learn proper body mechanics, how to perform the various techniques, and how to purchase a massage table. In this course, we literally take a novice and turn them into a massage therapist in 15 weeks, because once they leave me they are now prepped to become an intern," says Candy.

"How did I decide to become a massage therapist? I was a patient at National's Chicago clinic at the time. The modalities helped me tremendously. I realized I could help others as well as be fulfilled personally." Candy graduated on the dean's list from National University's Massage Therapy Certification Program in 2004.

What does Candy enjoy about teaching? "I love sharing my passion for the art of massage therapy, because I'm extremely passionate about it! A friend pointed out to me that it's all I talk about."

Cwashington2Candy, who also has a private massage practice, has advice to those thinking about massage therapy as a career. "Having a heart to help others will help define whether or not potential students should enter into the program and how successful they will be. Massage can be very glamorous, but it is hard work. You must take care of yourself. You have to get massaged regularly, maintain a good healthy lifestyle, and maintain balance in your life. If something is unbalanced in you, it's going to show."

She also speaks highly of NUHS' massage curriculum. "I tell people all the time that National's program is the 'Harvard' or 'Yale' of the massage therapy field. The very first night of class I tell my students that if they are here to be mediocre massage therapists, they are in the wrong place. Once I get through with them, they will be outstanding massage therapists! They sometimes look stunned, but they appreciate that I am willing to devote quality time to them."

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