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Joseph Vazquez, ND

Assistant Professor, Clinical Sciences; Attending Clinician

Dr . Vazquez Head Shot 2019

Joseph Vazquez, ND, specializes in MTHFR mutations and other Epigenetic considerations, treatment protocols for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), naturopathic care for weight management, and athletic training and Lyme Disease.  He has spent many years in research specific to the etiology and microbiology of Lyme Disease and has published additional work on melittin (main component of bee venom) as a therapeutic.

"As a faculty member, I truly enjoy emphasizing clinical application to my students in all of my courses," Dr. Vazquez said. "As a prior student, I remember always wondering 'Why?' and so I try to answer these questions and add more value to the students' development. I truly enjoy interacting with students and observing their maturation into primary care physicians."

He enjoys working at NUHS because it is a leader in applying naturopathic principles to modern medicine. "There is no divide between conventional and traditional techniques," noted Dr. Vazquez, adding, "When students are instructed in this type of environment, they become better equipped and more knowledgeable physicians, confident and informed in the wide scope of practice that is Naturopathic Medicine."

Dr. Vazquez enjoys running, exercising and spending time with his wife and two boys.  Writing and Lyme disease/melittin research are intellectual hobbies of his. "As a New England native, my other hobbies include rooting for every Boston sports team!"