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Sandra Rogers, PhD

Dean, College of Professional Studies – Illinois

Sandra Rogers headshotDr. Sandra Rogers serves as the dean for the College of Professional Studies as she transitioned into the role of dean for the College of Profession Studies beginning January 2019 at the Illinois campus. As dean, Dr. Rogers oversees the College of Professional Studies along with its assistant deans, chairs and faculty. She plans on bringing awareness to our surrounding communities and the Chicagoland region with regards to the amazing programs that NUHS has to offer. Dr. Rogers also plans to create more collaborations and articulations with various colleges/institutes.

Before coming to NUHS, Dr. Rogers held director and administrative positions at the University of Illinois at Chicago, DePaul University and Calumet College of St. Joseph.  She has extensive experience working with faculty, students and all aspects of programs from development to accreditation.

Dr. Rogers worked on her post-doctoral fellowship, obtained her PhD in Analytical Chemistry and her Bachelor of Science in chemistry from University of Illinois. She specializes in Bioanalytical Nuclear Neurochemistry focusing on finding various orthomolecular (natural products in their purest form) compounds, which may be possible preventatives for Alzheimer’s disease.

In her role, she looks forward to making a positive impact on the programs that will allow NUHS to continue to be a forward thinking and innovative university that more students want to be a part of.

Dr. Rogers has been recognized for her innovation in academic curriculum overhaul by the Congressional House of Representatives and the Society of Innovators along with presenting a TEDx Talk on changing the way we teach and learn.

Currently, in her spare time, Dr. Rogers and her former research assistants (two of the research assistants are her sons, Matthew Peszek and Christian Rogers) are working on completing her project with NASA/ISS/CASIS to see the effects of anti-gravity as a possible prevention for Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Dean, College of Professional Studies - Illinois

BS, PhD, Post-Doctorate, University of Illinois – Chicago, 2001, 2006, 2007

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