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Robert Shiel, PhD

Dean, College of Professional Studies - Illinois
Professor, Clinical Sciences

Shiel _9426.1x1Dr. Robert Shiel is a professor and as of 2014, the dean of the College of Professional Studies. He previously served two five-year terms as chair of the diagnosis department and the department of clinical sciences, respsectively.

He received a BA in psychology, as well as his MA and PhD in counseling psychology, from the University of Notre Dame.

A member of the NUHS faculty since 1980, he has also spent time working in private practice, community mental health, and in the Veterans Administration system. His expertise lies in the fields of family therapy, interpersonal psychology and in health psychology.

His professional interests include: the dynamics of the doctor-patient relationship, which is his major area of professional publications; understanding the dynamics of patient suffering and the disruption of personal narrative during illness; implementation of integrative care models in health care and parenting skills. His strong interest in integrative health care has lead to an ongoing project with other NUHS faculty to monitor the development of integrative care at NUHS health clinics.

Currently he teaches courses on the doctor-patient relationship and on psychopathology. He also holds an interest in mathematics and in the mathematical modeling of psychological disorders and health behavior.

His avocations include photography, block printing, gardening, ultimate frisbee and coaching basketball. He has been married since 1974, and has four grown children.

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