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Ott, Mackenzie M.

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Mackenzie Ott, PhD

Professor, Basic Sciences

Dr Ott headshotDr. Mackenzie Ott is a cardio-respiratory neurophysiologist and a full-time faculty member at National University’s Florida location. She currently teaches cell physiology and hematology, neuroendocrinology, gastrointestinal and reproductive physiology as well as cardiovascular, respiratory and renal physiology.

Dr. Ott is a Florida native who initially attended the Florida State University as an accounting major before transferring to the University of South Florida where she received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from USF’s Honors College in 2000. The subject of her undergraduate honors thesis was the history of biological warfare. She worked as an organic chemist in the environmental industry for over 6 years, working her way up to semi-volatile organics lab manager.

In 2004, she entered the biomedical sciences doctorate program at the University of South Florida’s College of Medicine. During her time as a graduate research associate in the department of molecular pharmacology and physiology, she designed and conducted advanced neuro-electrophysiological experiments to investigate brainstem network circuits through which baroreceptors and chemoreceptors modulate the respiratory and cardiovascular rhythms.

Dr. Ott is proficient in surgical skills including: the administration of anesthesia, blood gas analysis, the maintenance of blood pressure, catheterization of blood vessels, and the skillful maintenance of an advanced in vivo mammalian model. Dr. Ott’s doctoral research involved advanced electrophysiological techniques including: oscilloscope operation, multi-electrode array technology and mechanics, along with multiple computational data analysis methods used to measure the responses and dynamic associations of many simultaneously recorded neurons. Dr. Ott’s dissertation research is published in the Journal of Neurophysiology.

Dr. Ott was awarded the doctorate degree in medical science in May 2010. She then completed a postdoctoral appointment investigating auditory neural networking in 2012 within the department of communication sciences and disorders. Dr. Ott’s postdoctoral scholar work focused on the acoustic startle reflex, auditory brainstem response, noise pre-pulse inhibition and auditory gap detection.

Mackenzie loves SCUBA diving, fishing, photography, her dogs: Mogwi and Zuri, the beach, antique jewelry, and shooting sporting clays!

Faculty Info

  • Assistant Professor, Basic Sciences, NUHS - Florida
  • BA, MS, PhD, University of South Florida, 2000, 2007, 2010