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Janet D. Kelly, PhD

Assistant Professor, Basic Sciences

Dr. Jan Kelly has been teaching at NUHS since 2011, where she initially taught in the spine and extremities anatomy laboratory course. In 2013, Dr. Kelly became course director for the spine and extremity lecture and laboratory courses.

Dr. Kelly received her bachelor of science degree in biology from St. Mary's College of Notre Dame in Indiana.  She continued her education at Loyola University of Chicago, and received her Ph.D. from the department of cell biology, neurobiology and anatomy in 1990.

Her research interests included histochemical and ultrastructural evaluation of inflammatory bone loss. Dr. Kelly developed a technique for quantifying the presence of tartrate resistant acid phosphatase in osteoclasts, and used that technique to study a model for inflammatory, non-osteoporotic bone loss.  Dr. Kelly continued at Loyola University as a post-doctoral research assistant at the Medical Center to study the pineal gland in neuroendocrine-immune interactions.

When Dr. Kelly is not in the lab teaching and learning, she enjoys traveling with her family.