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Turshá Hamilton, ND

Attending Clinician

Hamilton 2Dr. Turshá Hamilton is a naturopathic clinician at the NUHS Whole Health Center in Lombard who provides a high level of individualized care to her patients. She is trained as a family care physician and treats both acute and chronic conditions, but has a passion for treating diabetes, obesity, and GI complaints.

Her focus is to employ the most natural and holistic therapies available to stimulate the body's internal healing while fostering new habits and traditions that will produce and maintain the most optimal health possible. Dr. Hamilton sees patients from all over the world - both in office and via phone or Skype.

Dr. Hamilton graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona where she focused on diabetes care and medical nutrition. Prior to medical school, Dr. Hamilton studied biology pre-med at Xavier University of Louisiana and cellular biology/exercise physiology at the University of Memphis.

She is the author of Practically Healthy: Step-by-Step Guide to Better Health, and Practically Healthy: Roadmap to Success - two books geared toward the improved health of the everyday person; Take Vacations Daily: Learning to Live More and Stress Less and is a co-author of 3 Dimensions of Hot & Spicy Relationships - Mind, Body & Spirit.

She has been featured on various radio and TV broadcasts nationwide and has written articles for professional and lay publications. She also hosts her own weekly Podcast, The Practically Healthy Life Show.