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Ezra Cohen, DC, CMT

Assistant Dean of Chiropractic Medicine

Ezra Cohen 2014c _250wDr. Ezra Cohen has been on National's faculty for more than 25 years, and currently serves as the Assistant Dean for the Doctor of Chiropractic program. Cohen earned his DC at National after receiving a BA in psychology from Northeastern Illinois University. He is also a certified massage therapist and certified hypnotherapist.

"I knew when I was very young that I wanted to be a doctor, but was very interested in non-pharmaceutical interventions," says Cohen. "I considered careers in physical therapy, nursing, and was even accepted into medical school and was preparing to go there when I heard about chiropractic."

"While investigating chiropractic schools, I wanted the school that was most science-based, most rigorous academically, and this naturally led me to National. I decided I would try it and if I liked it I would stay; if not, I would go to medical school. Here I am, and I never looked back!"


Dr. Cohen also has many years of supervising clinic interns, with eight of those years as clinic director for one of National's satellite clinics.

"I'm in favor of students pursuing their own line of reasoning and in doing what they feel is in the patient's best interests as long as it is one of the reasonable options for the patient. Students need the opportunity to develop confidence to explore their own talent, and to transition into being the physician that they envision themselves being."

"I have found that students coming to NUHS from any school are just drop dead enthusiastic.  National students live up to the school's reputation for academic rigor, and they fulfill the reasons that National promotes primary and integrative care."

"I'm really excited about the move toward primary care in the chiropractic profession," he says. "And I am fascinated by the current development among all the health care professions toward integrative care."

What's his advice for those considering a career in chiropractic? "This is a serious undertaking: to decide what you're going to do with the rest of your life. Visit a number of schools. Read the websites carefully to understand the philosophy, focus and the typical outcomes from each school," advises Dr. Cohen. "Students should ask themselves this question: 'Does this school offer the right foundation that matches my vision for my future?'"

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