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Christopher Arick, DC

Instructor, Clinical Sciences

Chrisarick _bioDr. Chris Arick has been on the faculty at NUHS in Florida since 2012. He received his chiropractic degree from National in 2005 and practiced for 6 years in Indiana before teaching at National.

Dr. Arick's area of expertise is in functional medicine and internal disorders. He has spoken widely on the topic of functional medicine, including presentations for the Florida Chiropractic Association, Sacral-Occiput Technique Organization, and at the NUHS Homecoming 2013. Dr. Arick has presented clinical cases illustrating the use of functional medicine to the International Congress for Clinicians in Complementary and Integrative Medicine. 

Dr. Arick's main focus is the effect of stress, inflammation, diet, and infection on chronic diseases that are seen commonly in clinical practice.  He also works with interns in the clinic to expand their understanding and practical use of nutritional medicine.  Dr. Arick has interests in expanding the scope of the chiropractic physician in evaluation and management, increasing clinical integration within primary care, and the progression of chiropractic medicine education. 

Dr. Arick earned his bachelor of science in kinesiology at Indiana University, where he was a teaching associate for physiology in the medical science department and a research associate in the School of Public Health.

Outside of the university, Dr. Arick enjoys spending time with family, running, swimming, and training for triathlons.

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