Why National? Meet Our Students.

Massage Therapy Student - Andrea Farneti

Andrea Farneti is in the massage therapy program at NUHS. In addition to the anatomy class, Andrea's favorite classes include those that teach students how to take care of themselves. "Yoga and Qi Gong help me relax. They teach me how to stay well because I have to take care of myself first before I can take care of other people."

"The cadaver lab at National was a big selling point. I wouldn't be able to get that experience
anywhere else. Because I've seen the actual muscles in the anatomy lab, when I'm
working on somebody I can actually picture the direction all those muscles are going."

Now that she is an intern in the on-campus Whole Health Center, Andrea is using her skills with a wide variety of clients. "When somebody has trigger points, while you're working on them, you can just feel the knots melting away under your fingertips. They say, 'My neck feels better and I can move it now.' It's a really great experience knowing that I've helped somebody else."

Andrea hopes to have a home-based practice in the future, and to someday bring her massage skills to the special needs students she has worked with for so many years.

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