Meet Our Graduates

Cherlyn Coplon, MSOM

Hear how oriental medicine practitioner, Cherlyn Coplon, credits her NUHS education for helping her build a successful practice in suburban Chicago. Coplon also spent a year in China where she learned that an integrative approach blending western and eastern medicine is the norm. Cherlyn earned her Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine from National University of Health Sciences in 2010.

"Within the first day of being in clinic in China, I was so relieved because National prepared me amazingly. I knew everything I needed to know that they were doing in China."

"I fell in love with National immediately after having a tour of the campus and getting a feel for their style of teaching. I really liked the anatomy lab. No other school in the country offers that."

"I really thought it was important to use western and eastern medicine together."

"The most important thing I learned at National was the clinical experience. We were taught to really take the time to get to know and understand the patient and their condition."

"The teachers are fantastic and are all from different parts of Asia."

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