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Boost Massage Career with Chiropractic Assistant Certification

A great career opportunity for massage therapists is working for a chiropractic or integrative medical practice. Chiropractic physicians (DCs) recognize the therapeutic value of massage and want to offer it to their clients. Yet oftentimes a DC can only accommodate a licensed massage therapist on a part-time basis. 

2013-03-27_chiroassistA great way to gain a full-time position, improve your employability and boost your income in this sector is to offer both a license in massage therapy and a chiropractic assistant certificate. 

Chiropractic assistants are trained in office procedures, medical records, and preparing patients for their examination and treatment. This frees up the DC to see more patients, and improves the quality of time that the DC can spend with each patient. Offering these skills, plus the ability to perform a therapeutic massage can make you an important asset to any chiropractic physician. 

National University offers a chiropractic assistant program that weaves seamlessly into its massage therapy programs.  By simply enrolling for a few extra weekend courses, students can graduate in one year with both a massage therapy certificate and a chiropractic assistant certificate. 

In fact, The American Chiropractor magazine recently launched a new publication specifically for chiropractic assistants. Here is an online link to The Chiropractic Assistant magazine's first digital issue, so that you can get a better perspective on what this career credential can offer you in addition to your massage training.