Student Services

Health Services

Our on-campus Whole Health Centers also have a student clinic where students and their dependents can receive primary health care from faculty clinicians and their supervised interns. While most clinic services are free, students may be required to cover the cost of laboratory fees, medical supplies, X-rays, supplements, or outside referrals.

New Student Physicals

Health ServicesAll new students are given required physical examinations at the National University Health Center, with the cost of such examination included as part of the first trimester student fees. Health care provided to the student, student's spouse and children is coordinated through the Student Clinic. A prerequisite for the first chiropractic palpation course is a completed new student physical. All new students are encouraged to schedule their new student physical at their earliest convenience during their first trimester of attendance.

Student Health Insurance

The University has endorsed a student health insurance plan that provides major medical and dental coverage at affordable premiums. While this is a voluntary plan, all students are strongly encouraged to have coverage under a health insurance plan. For information regarding student health insurance options under the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as PPACA or ACA, contact Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Brochures with a description of the plan are available in the Office of Student Affairs, or by emailing

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Occasional challenges and crises in life don't stop just because you are enrolled in school. Depression, helplessness, anxiety, homesickness, marital conflicts, and many other personal issues are common student dilemmas. The Dean of Students is available to offer basic help with some of these problems but, very often, more intensive professional counseling succeeds at regaining daily funcitonality and longer lasting developmental change through insights guided by a trained professional.

The University can provide referrals for clinical counseling services for NUHS students from an independent entity not affiliated with the University's other clinical services. The provider will accept most insurance coverage programs. Sessions are strictly confidential; records are not shared with NUHS personnel. The center has a clinical director who has taught as an adjunct professor with NUHS. You can contact the center at 630-372-6599 or