Happy Birthday, America!

2011-07-06_FriendThis week has been quite bittersweet. Clinic was busier, which is a huge plus since the more patients we have, the more exposure we get to different conditions as well as treatment modalities. It continues to be mentally and physically challenging, which also makes it the best experience thus far.

Midterms have also commenced which always makes life very interesting. After already going through one program and having the midterms and finals, I have reached a point where I definitely feel like consistently giving up due purely to fatigue. In one of our classes, we had a chance to complete a complementary salivary cortisol panel and I realized that not only was I feeling tired because I was overwhelmed, but my adrenals are LITERALLY overwhelmed! And now I am currently battling laryngitis, so yes, no voice! Why am I telling you all this?

Well, even doctors get sick! I am 100% sure that you all know this, but when you are in this position, it is very different. As doctors (or future physicians) we are so concerned with all of our patients' health, family's health, etc., that we forget we also need treatments once in a while, too! So I took the initiative to become a patient and the results are amazing thus far. Definitely takes more effort and more time, but I am slowly becoming the healthier version of me! So as doctors, remember to take care of yourselves. Life comes and hits you in the face when you least expect it, and if you just keep ignoring your own needs, you will definitely burn out. Like me!

Among all the midterms and busy work, we took time to spend with family, which is so priceless. Recently some close friends have lost their parents at different times but to sudden circumstances, and it truly took my breath away finding out all the hurt that they were experiencing. As soon as I found out the unfortunate news, I called my mother right away to tell her how much I loved her and I turned to my husband to tell him how much I loved him. It shouldn't take death for us to all appreciate the people we have in our lives, so spending time with family over the holiday weekend meant more to me than ever.


Blissor: All the times God has blessed me with time to spend with family and friends! Don't take those moments for granted! 

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