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We welcomed Dr. Solecki back this week from his trip away for a seminar! Although it was a short week, we were able to still fit in two in-services that dove into some rehab exercises and more ways to functionally test our patients. I love clinic so far, despite minor glitches here and there, I am still in the learning mode, which keeps me excited and motivated. 

And better yet, my patients are getting better! I know what we do works, but it is SO much more rewarding to SEE it work rather than just read about it over and over again. The best skill I have learned so far has not been physical techniques, but actually how to connect with my patients. Delivering bad news will always be difficult, but the more difficult part is shining a realistic positive light on it to encourage the patient. 

Since being in clinic in general, this has been a characteristic I have picked up little by little. I know more and more experience will only make it for comfortable for me, but being exposed to it this early so far has really prepared me for more cases to come (unfortunately). The tip that sums it up the best would be: Be compassionate. 

We are all human. We may know all these fancy words to describe radiology findings, disease etiologies, prognoses, etc., however what the patient cares most about is that you actually care for them…even if their road to health must be transferred to someone else. Being compassionate includes showing it in more ways than one. For example, contacting the patient to follow on their progress, contacting the referred physician to make sure appointments are followed through, etc. It seems like an obvious skill we should pick up because we should care for our patients… that's why we're in this profession right? Believe it or not, (from what I have experienced so far and have seen in others ahead of me), it can be easy to get caught up in everything else and lose the compassion. So don't do it. Your patients will thank you for it - and even give you a hug!  

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We were super busy this weekend! We went to spend time with family in Rockford and helped with my home church's annual Laotian food fair! Yummy! We also went to Chicago and spent time with some family, ate good food, showed Oliver what Chicago looks like, and bought some good Vietnamese sandwiches for lunches this week! I feel so blessed (and spoiled) to be able to have a mini getaway and reconnect with family. Don't forget about your family and friends back home…they will help keep you grounded.  

Have a great week everyone!!

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