Babies, Brothers, and Birthdays

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The BEST Birthday Gift!

Meet my nephew Alex(Xander) Sacdyphoud!! He was born June 24th at 11:49pm - just a day and 11 minutes before MY birthday! I have to say…he is the best birthday present ever! He is so adorable and looks just like a doll!! I already love him so much and Ryan is super excited to be an uncle! His full name is Alexander but we're going to call him Xander.  

Miravone -nephew -green -hat

Bothersome Week

Despite having a rough patch last week, this week was easier to endure. Looking forward to my birthday weekend really helped me get through what felt like a long week. Dr. Solecki took all of the interns on his shift to work out at X-Sport together and it felt amazing to work out all the frustrations I had from the previous week. I love being apart of his shift. I've been able to be extremely challenged but also have built great relationships with my fellow colleagues. (The photo below shows Dr. Solecki conducting an in-service with all the interns about different soft tissue techniques.)  

Miravone -Solecki -technique

Bidding Bye to Rotation

My last week at Salvation Army was especially difficult due to the crazy amount of traffic that I had to deal with, but having the experience has really taught me on many different levels how to have compassion for others. It seems straightforward that we are in the medical field so we should have compassion right? Well, it will surprise you how easy or difficult it can be to treat the extremes of patient personalities, backgrounds and situations. I feel very blessed to be able to experience all I did at Salvation Army and I know that through that rotation, I can truly be more sympathetic, patient and most importantly, grateful.  

Birthday Surprises

My birthday weekend was amazing! Friday, Ryan and I went to visit my baby nephew. Saturday, my amazing husband had a whole day full of surprises for me. First, the day started off at Brookfield Zoo! He surprised me with a brand new SLR Canon Rebel T1i camera!!!! It is definitely an upgrade from my little digital camera. (I just need to figure out how to use it!) Here is a picture from my new camera.

Miravone -Shop -of -Horrors

After the zoo and tons of picture taking, we headed to see "Little Shop of Horrors," the musical in downtown Chicago. I was apart of the musical in high school so it was so much fun!! I loved it! I recommend going to small theaters. It was such an intimate setting and they were so talented. We went to a Moroccan restaurant for dinner and headed home. It was an amazing day.

The next day, my best friends planned a beach day for me! The weather got sunny just in time and we were able to relax and soak up the sun! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday.  I'm just excited to get back to Rockford for the 4th of July weekend to see my nephew!! 

Overall, Clinic Tip of The Week: Find support in fellow colleagues! I had a very tough week last week, and I leaned on people in my shift to help me move around patients, etc. You need it! The program is impossible to get through alone.

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