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This week started off bright and early at 5:30am through long stop-and-go traffic with hard-to-find parking to finally end up in the bustling city of Chicago! That explains the start of my Salvation Army rotation. Three other interns and I are participating in our two-week Salvation Rotation from 7am to 11am, Monday through Friday. 

We were all very nervous because we did not know what to expect. Walking into the facility, we were introduced to a very different world than our usual shift at the Lombard clinic. The patients were all participants of either a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program, so the focus was more towards addressing ailments due to the cumulative effects of their lifestyles. Although musculoskeletal problems were part of their complaints, it was the least of their concerns. 

Overall, it was a very interesting experience and I have one more week to go. All the care at the facility is free of charge so the patients are continuously in and out as an obligation of their program.

Salvation Army is an option for main clinic for 9th and 10th trimesters, but the amount of people accepted there is small. Another option is the Caruth Health Center at the St. Petersburg campus in Florida, which also accepts a small number of people. Both options are available so stay open-minded about what rotation you want! There are VA hospitals in Illinois and Maryland (to my knowledge) that usually accept only one person per trimester, but it is worth the try! 


This week was one of the hardest weeks I've had to endure so far. Personal reasons made it excruciatingly difficult, however Ryan and I planned an impromptu trip to Michigan to get away from everything! It was a well-needed weekend get-away. We had the chance to relax by the river, walk around downtown East Grand Rapids during their art festival, and enjoy 80º weather! No rain for once! 

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The sunlight, family and nature were definitely what I needed to partially rejuvenate from my rough week. Being back home now and knowing that I have to return to reality makes me wish I could repeat the weekend over and over again, but the show must go on!

My Clinic Tip: When tragedies hit, find a sanctuary. No matter what is happening in clinic, you have to take care of YOU.

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