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The shift from busy Student Clinic to overwhelming main clinic is definitely different to get used to. I went from having six patients a day every day on average to having maybe three in ONE WEEK if I'm lucky. But that's not the overwhelming part (obviously). Dr. Solecki has been trying to drill into our already packed brains even MORE stuff to learn! It's been amazing though. I know that this genre of physical medicine (rehab) is where I am weak, but that's why it's so much more fun. I am the weak link (or that's what I call myself) in comparison to all the other interns, but that just means I have SO much to learn and I am definitely open to it. 

I love it so far. Dr. Solecki definitely knows my weak points and continues to challenge me and I know that I will be more prepared just being in his shift. Many people questioned my decision to choose him as my clinician because I've heard, "Well Miravone, aren't you an ND? Doesn't that mean you are more into internal medicine and not rehab?" And I want to laugh when I hear that. I do not prefer my DC or ND in any way. My answer to them is that I am interested in WHOLE health… so that includes both internal and external. But will I be opening a pure rehab clinic with a focus on athletes? No, but will I treat athletes? Of course! 

The students that go through this dual program will feel like they face a point where they have to choose their love… is it physical medicine or "internal medicine"? But I don't believe it's that black and white. I choose NOT to choose. I will practice WHOLE body medicine. 

This weekend I went to my 8-year-old cousin's girls-only slumber party! The "older" cousins went to help with food, Hannah Montana makeovers, and a dance party! That's how I spent my Friday night and it was awesome. It just reminded me of youth and how willing we all were to learn. I would recommend that you keep that attitude throughout the entire program and ESPECIALLY through main clinic. Some people choose to take a hiatus when they reach 9th and 10th Tri… don't do it! That's my Clinic Tip of the Week!

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