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Well, well, here I am. The sun is out (most of the time), the flowers are blooming, and I am officially in main clinic!! Woo hoo! Although I still have naturopathic classes, it is a surreal feeling to be where I am. I am on Dr. Solecki's shift at the Lombard clinic and the first week has been great! Since I was in the afternoon Student Clinic, I was able to work with Dr. Solecki before officially being on his shift and I have learned so much. 

Once you get through Student Clinic, you will have the opportunity to register for any of our clinics ranging from the main campus to the Florida campus! There are even opportunities in VA hospitals in various cities. I have the pleasure to be on Dr. Solecki's shift on main campus and his specialty is more in the rehab realm, which is something I do not have a strong point in and is the reason why I am so much more excited to be on his shift.

Since it has been nearly three years, it is still hard to pack more information in my brain, but I love that Dr. Solecki really challenges all of us to continuously learn and not just take a vacation since we've reached this step in our educational career. The rest of my colleagues (other than elective courses) are officially done with classes. 

The next eight months will definitely be the most amazing experience of the entire program. I know it will be challenging since it will include Part IV boards (the final chapter to this crazy world of board exams), but it will include the last chance I get to soak in all the goodness from everyone around me before we are all unleashed into the world! So my following blogs until I graduate will include some tips that I pick up along the way more from a clinical perspective. I hope you're as excited as I am.  

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Over break, I was able to reconnect with friends and family (without the stresses of school, boards and keeping up with finals) from celebrating one of my best friends' graduation, a master's in teaching, to Mother's Day! I hope everyone enjoyed their break! Take care and see you all next week!

Clinic Tip #1: Wear comfortable shoes to clinic. Girls - no need to wear high heels! Your patients will care more about the quality of their treatment rather than your fashion sense.  Trust me, adjusting in high heels is a challenge. I like my comfy shoes.

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