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With the combination of being in clinic and having classes, the weeks have all become a blur to me. Before I knew it, it's already the start of Week 14, which is the last week of Student Clinic and last week of classes!! (And for most, not me, the last finals we will ever take!) It is a bittersweet feeling because I really do care about all the patients that I have in Student Clinic now and it's weird that with this transition, they will also have to transition to new interns. I also felt "comfortable" in classes because I still felt like a student, but now getting into main clinic, I have to get my hands on "real" people. (He,He) 

This week in clinic, a female patient came into the outpatient clinic requesting a female intern and no one was available. One of the clinicians pulled me aside and told me to take the case. I was so nervous because although I've been treating my mom in clinic, this was my FIRST real outpatient. Overall, it was a learning experience that I know will carry me into main clinic feeling more prepared. Believe it or not, actual patients do not come in with the willingness to tell you their life story. They really do think that telling you where the pain is, how much it hurts, when it hurts, and how long it hurts is good enough for you to "prescribe" them a stop-and-go treatment. 

Well, we all know that is not how chiropractic or naturopathic medicine works, right? Being in Student Clinic, we have the luxury of dealing with students who (to some extent) know the background of what is happening in their body, what it takes to restore function, and the best thing, the treatment is free! In outpatient, it is the exact opposite! I am very excited because I will be with Dr. Thomas Solecki, who has an immense knowledge about rehab and neuromusculoskeletal conditions, which are not my strong point. The challenge will be to keep up with my fellow colleagues who already have a strong background in his expertise, but I am up for the challenge! Anyone who knows me knows I do not turn down a good challenge! 

I'm sad to say goodbye to my patients this week, but I am so excited and happy that I was able to help them the way I did. Short term goals, long terms goals, blah, blah, blah… the most important part is that my patients are leaving being more educated about how to be proactive in their life, leaving knowing that I really cared for them, and leaving having higher expectations for their next intern if they choose to come back to Student Clinic. 

Although I should have been studying for my multitude of exams, I have 11 total, I spent the weekend with family! My mother-in-law came into town and we had tons of fun (I wish she stayed longer) and my cousin celebrated her 20th birthday! Amazing times with amazing people motivate me to finish this trimester strong! 

Thank you for being a dedicated reader and following my journey through all my life adventures at NUHS. See you next trimester! Countin' down the days until graduation!!

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