When It Snows It Pours


Now I can see why 13 is a "taboo" number. Week 13 was tough! Out of all the "tough" I've been through (and you, my readers, know I've been through tough), man this one is up there! There are various reasons… some I could have prevented… and some I could not.

First - classes.

My patience was tested right away. I love my naturopathic classes because I always see it as a "break" from all my chiropractic classes, but this week was a big test. It was painful for me to sit still in class while attempting to focus - I had a huge "to-do" list running through my head! My brain was going non-stop because I knew it was crunch time! Then as my professors started discussing finals, it hit me… I have finals DURING graduation week! Whew! I had to work it out with my professors so that I could take all my finals the Monday of graduation week since each day (Tuesday-Wednesday) before graduation are packed with graduation events/prep.

Second - clinic.

As you may know already, I have completed that big 250 chiropractic manipulative techniques (CMTs) which many are still struggling to finish. But after I celebrated for like a minute, it hit me… whoa! I have tons of other numbers to finish! I have to finish my blood draws, 20 narratives, and my case study that I am trying to get published!

Oh, no! My goal was to get all of that done this week! A bit ambitious? Eh… yeah. I finished my most of my blood draws, ALL my narratives (woo woo), and have YET to start on case study. Plus through all that madness, I still saw a couple of patients throughout the week!

My tip: Work on a narrative a week!! That way, you would be able to enjoy the last couple of weeks before graduation!

Third - family.

So through the craziness of classes AND clinic, it hit me again… the world does not stop! I really LOVE my family - unconditionally - but with love comes heartache too. I have definitely experienced tough decisions this week… juggling my life in school plus making everyone else happy. It is a hard task to follow my already tough week… but that's life right? I know that on the 16th… my family will definitely see all my hard work follow through as I walk across the stage and shake Dr. Winterstein's hands as his colleague.

One more week of shear madness as we all race to the finish line… this is definitely a holiday to remember. Wish me luck… take care! And drive safe in the flurries and slick ice!

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