Cruising in the Big City

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What's the best way to celebrate? Take a boat cruise on Lake Michigan right in the middle of the beautiful Chicago skyline! Well, what am I celebrating? I am DONE with my numbers! (All my 250 chiropractic adjustments!) OK, so I STILL have to finish my 20 narratives, BUT now I can treat my patients without stressing out every day!

Narratives are a longer version of a patient chart note that you can include with a referral letter if you have to refer a patient for any particular reason. It's a good habit to pick up while in clinic. It is too often that chiropractors (that I've met!) refuse to refer their patients either because they lack knowledge OR because they truly feel they can fix EVERYTHING. That is definitely a dangerous belief to live in when people's lives are literally at your disposal.

As a medical practitioner in any specialty, holding on to that omnipotent mindset should be considered patient negligence. I am so passionate about this because those are the people that scar our profession's reputation each and every day.

This weekend, someone asked me, "WHY ARE YOU DOING TWO PROGRAMS? YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T FIX EVERYTHING, RIGHT?" It turned into a very intriguing conversation because for one split second, I thought about that. "Do I really think that?"

People can construe many thoughts when you tell them that you are dually enrolled in TWO DOCTORATE PROGRAMS. "Does she just want alphabet soup behind her name?" "Is she just going to be good at everything and not AMAZING at one particular thing?" Oh, I've gotten all those and more.

I basically explained to that person that my passion molded while I was in the chiropractic program. I gradually started to see holes in what or how I could treat (at least how I wanted to treat and WHAT I wanted to treat), and I looked for other options while finishing this current program. My situation was a natural progression of how I became engulfed in loving both programs equally. My clinic experience has allowed me to fall deeply in love with physical medicine and it's power and affect on people…just as much as I love what naturopathic medicine can do for more "internal" disorders.

Now ask yourself those questions. What are your intentions? Motives? If they are not for the right reasons, you are going to spend A LOT of money on a couple extra letters behind your name.

Every time I think about the negative dollar signs I owe, I feel at peace with my decision and do not regret it whatsoever. I know that God has intended this for me, so that means He will pull me through financially. Now will you have that same peace? Food for thought!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat lots and sleep lots!

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