Busy Week

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Well, the trimester that I have been waiting for has finally arrived! I went through one week of Student Clinic Orientation and started Student Clinic. I was so nervous with all the forms we had to memorize, the protocols we had to follow, and the actual patients we were going to meet. With my involvement in school, I was able to get many patients referred to me from higher interns and other patients requested me so that was great!

For weeks and weeks, I've been preparing for Student Clinic. From looking over old notes about certain procedures, practicing my manipulation techniques and anything and everything, it still didn't calm my nerves. Many upper tri students were telling us that you just have to be faced with the clinic experience to get used to it and no preparation will actually help. They were right.

I knew that I would be able to communicate with my patients, make them feel comfortable to open up to me, and I would be comfortable with them. However, I was nervous about my skills of palpation, critical thinking, and most importantly, diagnosing. The great thing about Student Clinic is that you are allowed to finally figure that all out… by yourself. You are able to explore your strengths but most importantly and more often, you deserve to explore your weaknesses. Practice makes perfect. 

Currently, the average new patient visit is estimated to last up to two hours with an additional appointment for a report of findings based on lab findings. Two hours! After that we are bombarded by lots of charting! Lots of it! Every piece of charting that you do from the regional exam, to history, and to the dreaded SOAP note has to be approved and signed off by a clinician so it prolongs the process even more! 

My days are very long with the ND classes on top of this. I start classes at 8am and finish clinic by 7pm but I've been held up 'til 7:15-7:30pm every night! My husband is able to get home before me and make dinner, so by the time I get home and eat, I just want to sleep! I am having trouble fitting in studying for DC Part 2, 3, & PT boards coming up in May and keeping up with the busy work already assigned this trimester! 

I thought this was the light at the end of the tunnel, but I guess there are a couple more months to go before I actually see the light! This is a different kind of busy, though, and it is so worth it and very enjoyable. I am able to meet patients, treat them, and be of value to their life, which is so worth it. I would not trade this trimester for any other except maybe graduation!  

Tip of the week: Make the best out of your current situation - that mentality will carry you far in this program overall. There will be tough times, amazing times, and rewarding ones… fight through it all!  

Have a great week, guys!

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