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June 26th was my birthday, and I turned 23! It doesn't feel different than 22 or 21, but it's still just as exciting. I had exams this week but I definitely took advantage of the beautiful weather, the pool at Ryan's complex, and family time!

It's amazing how much my motivation, study time, and drive has minimized. It's very hard due to the summer weather, all the events that happen in the summer (including my upcoming wedding), and very hard considering most of my friends and family are out of school - making it is more distracting. Although my motivation to study has been lacking, I still find myself being able to get into exam mode at least two days before the exam. Yes, two days before an exam is not the best, but so far it has been successful. The amazing thing about being in clinical sciences is that we have learned all the basic science material (or should have), and clinical science professors have an amazing way to spin that about 20 degrees. So the assumption is that we should already know the base and foundation of the information, but with a view from a clinical, more practical viewpoint.

I am very grateful that National has not only equipped me with the knowledge of tough basic sciences to pass and do fairly well on Part I boards, but that the curriculum has really prepared me to discuss case studies, understand the basis for a disease while viewing lab results, and that I am able to put together signs and symptoms with the etiology and path physiology of a disease. It is a big transition to make in the program, and still somewhat tough to adjust to, however it is much more exciting to know that the information you've learned, stressed, and had to sweat over was all worth it. So the take home message is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I am living in it and you will make it!

Birthday festivities were all worth it. I usually don't think my birthday is a big deal but it was so nice to feel so loved from everyone. It's a great revival experience, especially in a trimester where I am continuously trying hard to get through school! The day before my birthday, my mom, grandma, and siblings came to visit and bought me a cake! The day of my birthday, my cousins, siblings, and Ryan planned a big party for me full of amazing food, ice cream cake, and Catch Phrase. We all have such busy schedules, especially with the summer filling up, so it was nice to sit and laugh over fun games and great food! Ryan planned a special dinner and a movie on Saturday. He got me a mini-Dell laptop with accessories for my birthday! He is so thoughtful!!

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The Sunday following my birthday, I went to the beach with friends followed with a big dinner at my favorite Spanish tapas restaurant in Lincoln Park. There was a flamenco dance show that accompanied dinner which wasn't the best (considering I've seen them in Spain), but it was nice to have alongside with dinner. Overall, like I said already, I had an amazing birthday and could not have asked for better friends and family! I hope you guys have a great and safe Fourth of July! We're heading to Michigan! 

Tip of the week: Tenacity and time management will get you through!

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