Sick, Sick, Sick

What a whirlwind week for me! From Wednesday on, all I can remember is being extremely sick. It hit me suddenly on Wednesday at 3am! I remember it so vividly because I woke up in a crazy sweat with my head pounding as I felt like my eyes were about to pop out of my head! Yes, it was that crazy. I had sniffles Monday and Tuesday but I just assumed with this season that it was my annoying allergies. I was very wrong.

I tried to go to class but when I got up to walk, I felt a wave of vertigo and threw up! The next three days, I attempted to go to some classes but ended up being sent home by professors because I was not at all in a functional state. Ryan was amazing and took care of me. He tried to get me to eat, but my fever was so high (102º to be exact), I couldn't keep food in at all. I was miserable. I tried to pick up notes to study since I could not go to class but instead ended up taking sleeping aids to put me to sleep because at least I didn't have to experience all the misery of my flu. Yes, I believe I had the flu. Honestly, as I am writing this, I am still coughing, can't hear out of one ear, and my nose is crazy, but I'm at the end of it. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel! I feel one thousand times better than Wednesday through Friday, but oh my, this is a tough little virus. 

Top -yardsale

Saturday, I had to suck it up and help with our SACA annual yard sale! We did really well considering the weather was bi-polar, and I was grossly sick. 

So unfortunately, that sums up my week. Now I am somewhat stressed with all the catching up I have to do! I still don't feel 100% me and healthy, but it doesn't matter. Midterms are surprisingly near and my blood pressure is rising gradually with the anticipation. Sixth Tri is full of classes where, well you just have to get over the embarrassment of "pretending" and just do it because the professors will make you. 

When I say pretending, I really mean pretending. One of our classes consists of interacting with simulated patients and pretending to be their physician while they mock symptoms they have had. That's not the "pretend" part that I get nervous about, but it always feels weird to have to pretend to be each other's patients/doctors, and that's another class we have. Not a big deal but something I still have to get over. It's probably due to my semi-shyness. I am actually shy! People don't believe me but I am. It feeds into the lack of confidence I have when approaching these classes that strip you down so that you can be exposed - exposed of the weaknesses that might hold you back from being the best doctor. I am trying to not let my personal comfort zone issues get in the way of experiencing that. 

Other life updates I can fill you guys in on other than health and school…

Our wedding invitations are 90% close to being done and mailed out! Exciting! However, it seems like there's a new guest being added every day! Sunday, we met with our future landlords for the house we found that we're renting, and we are getting closer to signing some papers and making it ours for the next three years! It's an amazing vintage house on a ½ acre of land in Glen Ellyn where we can raise our miniature family (dog and cats) before we make the final and big move to Michigan where we will eventually practice. I am so excited for what else God decides to throw on our plate! I just hate waiting! 

Have a good week everyone and fill up on that vitamin C, zinc, and selenium! It'll help keep those nasty flu bugs away.  I can't wait to be healthy again!

Tip of the week: In school, work on stripping yourself down so that you can make sure you can soak in all the goodness that will make you the best doctor for your future patients. Some people come in NOT confident enough and some people are TOO confident. Find your happy medium!

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