Mosquitoes Have Arrived

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We all know summer is arriving when the mosquitoes start to eat you alive! I feel like mosquitoes for some reason love me. I already have a huge bite in the middle of my forehead! It's ridiculous! But that's the bad that has to come with summer, and I'll take it. I am definitely ready for the warm weather to start without all this rain. 

It's amazing how fast this trimester has already progressed. I feel like I'm writing these blogs so frequently and quickly because by the time I feel like the week started, it already ends! Now we're in Week Five, which means exams have arrived. I actually already had two exams! I mentioned last week that I would tell you about my 45 minute practical. No, unfortunately that was not a typo. We had 45 minutes to do a full physical exam on a patient (partner from class), and we were videotaped while we did it. There were two professors that watched it and graded us according to our technique, time, and patient interaction. 

Working up to the big exam day was scary. I had to go on Monday at noon, which happened to be the second group of people. There were exams from Monday at 10am through Friday at noon. I know we already got all of this information and should know how to do it perfectly since we got the training in Fifth Tri, but it was just nerve wrecking to think I was being watched like a hawk for every technique including how to instruct the patient as well, which is very important. I am so blessed to have Ryan to help me because he's been there and done that. I timed myself four times with him. He is such an amazing fiancé and what a trooper to go through almost three hours of the same thing! I got my time down to 38 minutes! 

I was actually, weirdly confident going into the room, and I ended up being the first one done with a time of 36 minutes! I got 100% (15 out of 15 points) and it was the best confidence booster for the week! I then had to get into gear and study for my GI/GU exam on Friday at 2pm, which ended up being do-able with a couple tricky questions, but overall I felt good about it. 

I was so excited for my weekend to start! One of my good friends, Jenni, from University of Iowa, who was actually my roommate there and now is a part of my wedding party, had a surprise weekend for me. I drove all the way to Iowa City to hang out with some friends, and then drove another hour and a half to her hometown without really knowing what my weekend entailed. She surprised me with a whole spa weekend!! She wanted to do it for me as a "pre-Bride gift." I was so grateful and I really needed it, especially since the last two weeks I spent sick. I love Jenni! 

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It is so important to keep those friendships that you value while you're in school. Jenni and I have been successful at keeping in contact, visiting each other, and really being a part of each other's lives even though we live five hours away from each other. She's actually in St. Louis for physical therapy school, so she had to drive a long way for the spa weekend too. It was a rejuvenating girl's weekend that I definitely needed. I hated the long and slow drive back but it was all worth it. 

Tip of the week: Keep in touch with your friends. They will be part of the source of sanity you will receive here.

I have one more exam this week and then it's NUHS Homecoming! We basically get two days off of school! I'm attended part of Homecoming, then heading to Michigan for menu tasting for our wedding! See you guys next week!

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