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Supposedly, Fifth Trimester is known to be more laid back and "easy." Well, I definitely beg to differ. It is definitely more interesting and I enjoy studying the material more than basic sciences, but there is more practice involved! We have a good amount of lab/technique classes, and this is ACTUALLY relevant information as a doctor-in-training. All the material we gained in basic sciences is the foundation of the knowledge we will need to survive the clinical science era. I feel more pressure to stop memorizing (which is what got me through tri one through four), take in all the information and really LEARN. 

This week, besides having chiropractic boards to look forward to in two weekends, I had three exams, two papers due, AND I had the dreaded male sensitive exam that includes the infamous DRE ("Digital Rectal Exam") that I had to do on an actual live human being! I can't say the experience was pleasant by any stretch of the word, but learning the technique out a book definitely would not suffice, so it was very informative, professional and helpful. The instructors also helped us with doctor/patient communication skills, which was extremely useful for us and very helpful. 

This month is a marathon full of non-stop exams. Let me give you my schedule for my exam weeks so you can get a glimpse into my world:

  • February 3rd - Naturopathic Boards
  • February 9th week - Clinical Diagnosis & Physical Diagnosis Exams
  • February 23rd week - Clinical Neurology, Evidenced Based Practice, & Botanicals Exams; Botanicals & Evidenced Based Practice papers; Male Sensitive Exam
  • March 2nd week - Soft tissue practical, Physical Diagnosis Lab practical, Naturopathic Counseling Practical, Arthritis X-Ray practical, and midterm 
  • March 9th week - Soft tissue written exam & CHIROPRACTIC BOARDS!!!
  • March 16th week - Clinical Diagnosis, Physical Diagnosis 2nd midterm, & orthopedics exam
  • March 23rd week - Evidenced Based Practice Group Assignment & Naturopathic counseling midterm paper due

In addition to all of that, I am planning a wedding! March is hell month for sure. 

Tip of the week! 

So, what's the deal with the title of my blog? Well, among all these exams and life in general, it is very important to stay HEALTHY!! The Standard American Diet does not include enough fresh vegetables, which can also lead to a decrease in fiber intake, which is not good! Did you know that a majority of our immune system is living in our gut? It's definitely easy, especially with this constant weather change, to get sick and easily fatigued. Well, increase your fiber intake - eat more fresh veggies and fruit! 

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Tune in next week because I will be answering a very good question, that one of my readers asked. "Is it 'worth it' going through the Bachelor's program plus chiropractic school at NUHS (since it will take at about five years) if I can just get my bachelor's and physician assistant's degree in only four years?!"

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