What a Week

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Last week was an awesome week, but I can't say that much about this week. It was a week filled with some disappointments and lots of stress. Weird how that works out because I didn't have any exams this week whereas last week I had a lot! 

I think I've reached a point where I have officially become tired of studying. In the beginning, I studied almost every day and just got so used to it. As soon as we were able to relax a little and take a lot of time off from studying intensely, I started to feel tired. How ironic!

During the week, there were some little surprises here and there that definitely did not help me focus completely on school, but I realize that it's normal. It's definitely possible to isolate yourself from what you used to know before the program so that you can solely focus on the education, but I know that's not the route I want to take. This past week, there has been a combination of many things have been stressing me out that has put an effect on how I study. 

So since my mind has been consumed with many other things other than school, I tried to keep myself busy by working more days, working out more, and reading non-related school material more often.

I needed and wanted to get off campus, so Thursday night I went to visit my cousin and some friends in Chicago at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). I attended an all-campus worship event that night and got my mind off anything school-related, which was amazing. I demanded that we go to EVERY place that my stomach could handle to eat my favorite Chicago items. If you go to the downtown/UIC area, I definitely recommend Atropolis Restaurant and Bakery. I LOVE that place. It's in Greektown and it's amazing! I just love the city so it was a revival for me to be back there. Now, the traffic is something else, but the city is FRESH AIR for me. I've always been a big city girl. 

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I spent my weekend mostly sleeping because I felt like I was starting to come down with something. On Friday night, I was exhausted and Saturday I had a pounding headache that lasted until Sunday morning. Even though I was feeling sick Saturday, I loved spending time with my mom, brother, and sister-in-law. They came to visit and also get a massage from my friend, John. We hung out, went shopping (Yes, again!), and went out to eat at Joy Yee's, which is another place I recommend! Yum! I've noticed that a lot of my blogs include EATING which is definitely a central part of me!

Besides the eating and spending time with family, the rest of my week was draining and exhausting. I am so happy to say that a new week is here and I can hope for a better one.

Another positive aspect of my week was talking to my boss in the registrar's office at school. I needed some advice about future plans because I felt very conflicted, and after talking to him, I felt so much better. National is full of faculty and staff that truly care about your well being. After expressing my concerns to him, he really listened and provided good encouragement and advice. There will always be someone at National that can be your mentor. All of the faculty and staff have also been through school and know how tough the program can be. Although talking to your friends, classmates or family will help, talking to someone - either a professor or in my case, my boss - is also very rewarding. 

So my Tip of the Week:

Be open to many things at National, including finding a mentor that can help guide you.

Interesting fact about me:

I have grown to love cottage cheese and cold peaches! I eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack! Yum!!

I'm sorry that I don't have tons of pictures this week (I included that random picture of John and I because I thought it was funny!), but I'll see you next week! Wish me luck for this week! I have a Cell Physiology exam coming up!

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