Busy Week

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First Exam

I had my first exam this week and my first Histology quiz. Ahh! It was very scary because I felt like I could not study enough. I went into the Anatomy Lab with some friends almost every day to ensure that we knew every muscle, joint, ligament, nerve, etc. that would be on the exam using the cadavers, MRI scans, and cross sections. When Thursday rolled around, I got bored and felt like I could not study for the practical anymore. 

This whole week not only was I dealing with stress from school but also some family issues back home. It was difficult to only focus on school because of everything else that was going on. It helped that I surrounded myself with people that were very focused and driven because it motivated me to study a lot. Although we studied every single day, we took the necessary breaks so that we would not get burnt out.

Dance and Fitness Club   

On Tuesday, I went with a couple of friends to the Dance and Fitness Club that was just beginning. The theme was Latin Dance! It was fun and relaxing to put away school and everything else for just one hour. I learned different Salsa steps and met some people as well. I definitely recommend joining clubs. Of course you have to do everything in moderation, but if you don't join clubs, you won't get the full experience and you could easily get burnt out from study every second and hour of the day! There are so many clubs on campus that can apply to everyone like Applied Kinesiology to a Dance and Fitness Club.

The Test 

So, Friday rolls around and we are all nervous about the exam. I made sure that I got a good night's rest, because I usually sleep very late, and I also made sure that I had breakfast in the morning. The anticipation and studying finally could end. I was extremely nervous but very confident because I knew that I could not have studied enough. The exam ended at 9 am for my half of the class and the second half of the class went in to take the exam. A couple of friends and I decided to go grab some coffee, a little more breakfast, and talk. It was a relief the exam was over and we could relax. After checking my grade, I was so happy and felt even better that all the hard work paid off. However, there was no time to celebrate because a written Anatomy exam along with a Biochemistry quiz is coming up for the next week. 

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Weekend Home

After getting off work on Friday, I got my stuff ready to go home for a meeting/band practice for a camp that I am part of in the summer. We had the meeting on Saturday in Rockford then went out to eat for my little cousin's 17th birthday. I left right after that to come back to Lombard and study, but I definitely did not get any studying done. Some friends came over and we spent the whole night talking, laughing, and getting to know each other more and more. It was a good time because the people that you meet here and become friends with really play an important part in your success - both positive and negative. I'm glad that I surround myself with people that are driven and motivated as much as I am so that we can help keep each other accountable. You definitely cannot go through this program alone!  

Bears Loss! 

Super Bowl Sunday rolls around and I can't enjoy it that much because of our upcoming written Anatomy exam. I studied all morning then took a break to go shopping and came back to study some more. However, I could not study the whole night. I was so sore because I fell a couple days ago, so four of us went to the gym very late at night and went swimming and hot tubbing! It was a good time. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to relax and give your brain a break! We also had to mourn the Bears loss.

So this upcoming week is going to be stressful but I'm ready for it! Oh yeah, and the Mardi Gras Ball is coming up…hopefully it isn't cancelled! 

Tip of the Week

I'll end my rambling with my tip of the week:

Take study breaks! Not like 100 an hour, but definitely a little here and there so you can give your brain time to "digest" everything.

Have a great week everyone!

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