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I can't believe it! I actually made it to Week Three! It's really not THAT bad.  This week went by faster than I thought. I started to get very nervous about exams that are quickly approaching. After this week, the exams start and by the look of my calendar, it feels like it's not going to stop. 

Throughout the week, I found myself in the Anatomy Lab a lot to assure that I was prepared for the practical that is coming up. I slowly understand why everyone told me that time management would be the biggest challenge. The classes are very difficult in content but definitely do-able (is this a word?) considering NUHS has successfully made doctors every trimester. 

Time management is the key. I've been having some trouble balancing out what classes to study for without leaving out other classes until the last minute. Since I always talk about all my classes, here is my schedule for every day! I hope you will be able to tell why I have some trouble knowing exactly what to focus on without leaving something out!


  • Biochemistry/Physiology Pre-Lab
  • Chiropractic History
  • Physiology Lecture
  • Histology Lecture
  • Histology Group
  • Biochemistry/Physiology Lab   


  • Anatomy Lecture (2 hrs)
  • Anatomy Lab (2 hrs)
  • Biochemistry Group
  • Physiology Group


  • Anatomy Lecture (2 hrs)
  • Anatomy Lab (2 hrs)


  • Palpation
  • Biochemistry Lecture (2 hrs)
  • Physiology Lecture
  • Biochemistry Lecture/Group


  • Anatomy Lab (3 hrs)
  • Anatomy Group
  • Biochemistry/Physiology Post-Lab

Whew! That was painful just typing all of that out. Every course has so much material that it is very easy to just study for one course the whole night. However, I need to spread my time out so that each class gets my time. That's the challenge. The course load isn't as scary as I thought, but definitely trying to balance everything has been hard. 

This week I have a histology quiz and the first Anatomy Spinal final lab exam. I spent all week studying for Anatomy by going into the lab outside of class time so when Friday came around, I needed a break. I worked hard all week so that I could enjoy the play "Wicked" in Chicago on Friday night even more! I had fun getting dressed up, going out to dinner, and going to the theater! It was nice to get off campus and relax. Although it was for a brief night, it was what I needed to recharge for the exams coming up in Week Four. 

So my tip for the week:

Always designate one night of the week (like a Friday night) and go out! Have fun. Go watch a movie, go to the theater, or just sit back and watch a little TV. Although studying is an absolute MUST, you don't want to burn out by overdoing it. Information is easier to retain when your mind is less stressed and believe it or not, one night makes all the difference!

Wicked -feb 2007

Enjoy the pictures from "Wicked." I definitely recommend it to everyone! Wish me good luck for this upcoming week. My first Anatomy practical exam! Eek! 

Wicked -feb 2007-group1 Wicked -feb 2007-group2

Have a great week everyone!

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