Fall Trimester

It's an intriguing time of year at NUHS right now; it is the beginning of another fall trimester. The campus is filled with a combination of new students, current students, and current students in their last trimester. Together, all these students create an energizing, exciting buzz felt throughout the campus. 

If you walk around NUHS, you will find the library beginning to fill, you will see students sorting through books as they look over their schedules, and you'll here chatter about classes and anticipation as to what this trimester will bring.

As for myself, and many students, I'm eager to return to NUHS and ready to begin this new trimester. I feel rejuvenated from my break and ready to dive into more learning.

My fellow AOM students.

My week started out treating patients at the NUHS clinic--my favorite way to begin the week! One of my favorite aspects of the AOM program is the NUHS clinic. I thoroughly enjoy treating patients and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn in a clinical setting. The first week returning to clinic is usually busy and this week followed suit. I prefer it busy, as it allows more patients to receive help and allows me, as well as all the clinic students, to learn more. The more clinic patients we have, the more we help and learn! 

While clinic was very rewarding, so were all of my classes. I have many diverse classes this trimester, all of which seem interesting. A nice aspect about being in a graduate program is most, if not all of the students in the program including myself, have a passion for their field of study. AOM students generally love being in class and learning new AOM material. This causes our classes to have a very pleasant and inviting environment, aiding in learning the material. 

While it is wonderful to be surrounded in a cohort that has a passion for AOM, it is equally important that our professors love what they are teaching us, and from what I can gather, they do! Each professor brings a unique set of experiences and knowledge base to our classes, which greatly benefits us. They teach us textual material, and then follow it with clinical and practical knowledge causing it to have a deeper impact in our understanding. This helps us further our understanding of AOM and promotes our ability to apply what we learn in class into our clinic shifts. I find myself looking forward to each class, which is a nice feeling!