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Salvy Series - Part 4

This week's interview with a 10th trimester intern features...




Intern: Thomas Slowinski

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Certifications & Specializations:

  • Certified Acupuncture Practitioner
  • Once I am licensed I will be eligible to sit for the a Diplomate Exam as I have completed 300 hours of postgraduate work in diagnosis and management of internal disorders.

What are your graduation plans?

I plan to go directly into private practice working as an independent contractor in an office in Chicago's southwest suburb of Orland Park. My focus will not only be in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disease but also relating to the management of internal disorders. In addition I will practice acupuncture as I know it to work nicely in conjunction with many treatments.

What is your favorite memory/most memorable experience at Salvation Army?

All the stairs!! Hahaha, just kidding. It's a close knit environment which builds a well rounded character. We're all in the same room the majority of everyday together so when we talk about patients, it's nice to be

 able to bounce ideas off one another. We all get along and let's not forget the constant lunches at Iguana. In short- there's not just one thing to like about the Salvation Army Clinic experience. It's a shame all students don't get the chance to see our place here. As many of our patients have said "We're doing good work up here, really making a change in these guys' lives."

What advice would you give to incoming chiropractic students/ those interested in chiropractic?

If you're one who's wanting to help others, are enthused at the thought of healing by touch, and are personable- this is the profession for you! Although there's no specific recipe for the perfect physician. Through the training however, you do have to do your part, get through it, and take the worst times with a grain of salt. Majorly stressing over classes, boards, etc. Letting stress get yo you is worth the negative effects on your health--because if you're in poor health--how can you get others out of bad health?

Salvy Series - Part 3

This week's interview with a 10th trimester intern features...





Intern: Kelsey Botterman

Hometown: Huntley, IL

Interests: Nutrition, Acupuncture

What are your plans for after graduation?

After graduation I will be continuing at NUHS to finish the ND program as well as continuing to work on the MS in Human Nutrition degree through the University of Bridgeport. After completing these degrees, I hope to open my own practice in the Chicagoland area.

What is your favorite memory or most memorable experience at Salvation Army?

My favorite part of Salvation Army clinic was the feeling of community both within the "National Family" and with the patients. I really loved being able to bounce ideas for patients, practice or just life off of my fellow interns and clinician. It was an awesome experience having such a close-knit group that still all had their own interests and specialties to work with or just goof off with. I will definitely miss being with my Salvy family!


What words of advice would you give to incoming chiropractic students and people interested in the chiropractic program?

Try as many clubs and seminars as you have the time and/or money for! This can really help you to narrow down what you like (and don't like!) and will only make you a more well-rounded doctor in the long run.

Salvy Series - Part 2

This week's interview with a 10th trimester intern features...





Intern: Abby Kramer

Hometown: Libertyville, IL

Certs/Specializations: Professional Applied Kinesiologist (PAK), Neuro Emotional Technique, Fascial Movement and Performance Movement Taping (Rocktape), Webster Technique (ICPA), Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM)

What are your graduation plans?

I will be practicing at Be Optimal Holistic Health Center in Glenview, IL. We have practitioners in the fields of chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy. We also offer monthly workshops and classes such as: yoga, meditation, health talks, and guest speakers to help educate the community on alternative care and wellness. I look forward to practicing in a clinic that has something to offer for everyone!

What is your favorite memory/most memorable experience at Salvation Army?

The best thing about being an intern at Salvation Army is the ability to help those in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program complete their program and better their lives through chiropractic and holistic medicine. My favorite memory was when one of my favorite patients, an older man, commented that chiropractic had helped fix his broken body and soul and that he felt better than he had in over 10 years!

What words of advice would you give to incoming chiropractic students/those interested in chiropractic? 

My advice would be to find your PASSION within the field of Chiropractic. Before attending school, I had no idea that there were so many different techniques and specializations within the field. Take full advantage of your time in school to attend seminars, courses, and the different clubs on campus to find what gets you excited.  Whether its nutrition, adjusting, pediatrics, rehab, etc....hold onto that!  The program is incredibly rigorous, demanding, and exhausting! Finding techniques and modalities that I loved helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel...which is treating patients and doing what I love!

Salvy Series - Part 1

Instead of always focusing on my experiences in the chiropractic program, I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to hear about the other interns at Salvation Army clinic. Each week, I'm going to interview a 10th trimester intern about their experiences in the DC program! First up...





Intern: Doug Krefman

Hometown: Highland Park, IL

Interests: Motion Palpation Institute, Functional Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, English Bulldogs

What are your plans for after graduation?

I plan to join a musculoskeletal based practice in Chicago that integrates chiropractic, rehabilitation, and medical interventions.

What is your favorite memory or most memorable experience at Salvation Army?

One patient had 7 years of low back pain, numerous MRIs, X-rays, steroid injections, and 6 different prescribed painkillers with no relief. Through proper patient education and chiropractic care, we were able to resolve all symptoms and get him back to a pain-free active life. It gave me first-hand experience that all the long hours of practice can positively impact the lives of our patients.

What words of advice would you give to incoming chiropractic students and people interested in the chiropractic program?

I would suggest that prospective and current chiropractic students work for a doc and shadow as many chiropractors as possible. No matter how many seminars and classes you attend, nothing can prepare you for the real world like seeing actual practicing physicians. It will also open your eyes to different styles of practice that best suits your interests and strengths. Also remember to practice, practice, practice! Chiropractic and manual therapy is a psychomotor skill that can only be mastered through lots of failures and successes!

Day-to-Day at the Salvation Army Clinic

One of the biggest changes that comes with your chiropractic internship in trimesters 9 and 10 is this dramatic increase in free time! Instead of being on campus for 40 hours a week, then going home to study and do schoolwork, all of a sudden, your commitments are cut in half!


My clinic shift begins at 7 a.m. and ends by 1 p.m. Our mornings at Salvation Army are filled with new patients, new learning opportunities, and plenty of laughs. This makes our time spent in clinic even more valuable during the small window of time that we have.

We're always bouncing ideas off of each other and sharing treatment suggestions.

  • Interns Doug and Johnny are really interested in rehab with patients, so I've learned quite a few tricks and tools about active release technique, post-isometric relaxation, and other muscle strengthening and stretching exercises.
  • Interns Tom and Brad are currently enrolled in the DABCI [Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Internists], so I'm able to consult them when patients have complications that can be addressed with more internal medicine.
  • Abby has a strong understanding of Standard Process's line of supplements, so she is always a great intern to consult when looking to use their line of products for various conditions.
  • Kelsey is currently enrolled in a master's program similar to mine, so I can bounce ideas off her when it comes to offering my patients nutritional supplements.


Overall, we try to share knowledge from our different specialties, so that we can offer the best treatment options for our patients.