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10th Tri Sets In

I can't believe we are approaching October! Where has this year gone? Another week has passed, and things are starting to wrap up here in clinic.

No one ever complains when we bring donuts to clinic!

Our 8th trimester interns are really getting the hang of things around here, and they're beginning to take on much more responsibility with new patient exams and learning the details of the clinic. One intern, Andrew, sat in with me on a new patient visit and since then, he has almost completely taken over treatment.

View of the city from Navy Pier

Being an intern is quite a comprehensive task! We build up our tools throughout the curriculum, learning to take a comprehensive history, perform a full-body physical, and develop a treatment plan for the patient with appropriate outcomes to achieve. Oh yeah, and actually treating the patient! There are so many other steps in the process, and our clinical internship is the time where we really perfect these skills. Teaching a new intern the ropes makes me realize how much responsibility we have as doctors, and it really has been a challenging journey!

Birthday dinner at Bub City

KC and I celebrating on Friday night

Over the weekend, I celebrated my 25th birthday with some friends and fellow interns. I made it to a quarter century! We listened to live music at Bub City, one of my favorite country music venues in Chicago. I don't think I'll ever get tired of exploring this beautiful city!

Welcome to Fall

The sun is shining, the leaves are turning colors, and football season is in full-force!


I had the amazing opportunity to return to Columbus this past weekend to watch an Ohio State game this season. Since I've recently decided that I may not be returning to Ohio to practice, each visit home is cherished more and more. I was fortunate to go to the game with some fellow Buckeye fans stuck living here in Chicago, and we made some great memories on the trip to Columbus! :)


In recent weeks, my search for an associateship has focused on the Chicagoland area. Interviewing with practices has really challenged me to evaluate my personal goals as well as career goals. We spend over three years trying to determine what type of populations we want to focus on, what seminars we want to take, and what certifications we want to obtain! Until the interview process began, I didn't consider what criteria were most important to me when searching for an employment opportunity, and for me, money isn't the number one driving factor. I will keep you updated as the weeks continue!


Salvation Army is full of life now that our new 8thtrimester interns have begun at the clinic! We were all excited to welcome Monisha, Amanda, Brandon, and Andrew to our new "Salvy crew." I've finished many of the numbers required for graduation, so I am slowly introducing my patients to new interns so that they may continue care. It's rewarding to see your patients feel relief from their physical pain while they are also healing mentally and emotionally during their recovery.


With the enforcement of electronic medical records (EMRs), we interns have found ourselves keeping busy cleaning out patient files in the meantime!

Break Has Flown By!

For interns in clinic, we don't have the usual 2 weeks off between trimesters since we are no longer enrolled in classes, but the clinic tends to be quieter with less interns and patients. The past month has also been an awesome opportunity for me to enjoy the last weeks of summertime, focus on my job search, and really explore what I want to do after graduation.

Paddleboarding In Chicago
Paddleboarding in Chicago

In clinic, I'm nearly finished with all of my graduation requirements, but it seems as if I still have so much to learn! The past handful of patients I've encountered at the Salvation Army have been (mostly) females with chronic headaches, neck pain and low back pain -- a chiropractor's dream! It's incredible to see how powerful adjustments can be in terms of pain control and restoring function, so when you add in fascial taping, soft tissue techniques and active patient exercises, you see the best results! I even had one woman come up to the clinic specifically for weight loss and digestive complaints, so that was an excellent opportunity for me to bust out some of my training in nutrition and functional medicine!

Out with Friends

The job search is still moving forward, although I haven't reached my final destination yet. I have very few strings tying me down anywhere, so I'm keeping an open mindset! I will always be in love with Columbus, Ohio, and the idea of being close to my family, but I've also been considering other small cities such as Charlotte, Boulder, and even Chicago.

Chicago Cubs Game

Two months ago, I knew I was going to move right back to Ohio and resume the life I left behind three years ago. These days, staying in the Midwest in Chicago doesn't sound like such a bad idea! Interviewing with practices and doctors is intimidating, and it definitely forces you to conceptualize how you see yourself practicing. However, I'm also trying to go into each interview with an open mindset, remembering that every new graduate needs to learn the ropes from someone with lots of experience, even if that may not be the way you envision yourself practicing down the road.

Rockin' Out in Nashville

For leisure, I took a weekend trip to Nashville to visit Michelle, one of my best friends from Ohio, as we both celebrated our September birthdays!

Caitlin Visits Chicago

I had both my sister and friend Caitlin come to visit Chicago a couple weeks ago, and I spent one weekend in August visiting "The Fountainhead," Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

National Students Visit Palmer in Davenport

It's been a fun-filled and busy end to summer, and there's plenty more excitement to come this fall!

Salvy Series - Part 4

This week's interview with a 10th trimester intern features...




Intern: Thomas Slowinski

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Certifications & Specializations:

  • Certified Acupuncture Practitioner
  • Once I am licensed I will be eligible to sit for the a Diplomate Exam as I have completed 300 hours of postgraduate work in diagnosis and management of internal disorders.

What are your graduation plans?

I plan to go directly into private practice working as an independent contractor in an office in Chicago's southwest suburb of Orland Park. My focus will not only be in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disease but also relating to the management of internal disorders. In addition I will practice acupuncture as I know it to work nicely in conjunction with many treatments.

What is your favorite memory/most memorable experience at Salvation Army?

All the stairs!! Hahaha, just kidding. It's a close knit environment which builds a well rounded character. We're all in the same room the majority of everyday together so when we talk about patients, it's nice to be

 able to bounce ideas off one another. We all get along and let's not forget the constant lunches at Iguana. In short- there's not just one thing to like about the Salvation Army Clinic experience. It's a shame all students don't get the chance to see our place here. As many of our patients have said "We're doing good work up here, really making a change in these guys' lives."

What advice would you give to incoming chiropractic students/ those interested in chiropractic?

If you're one who's wanting to help others, are enthused at the thought of healing by touch, and are personable- this is the profession for you! Although there's no specific recipe for the perfect physician. Through the training however, you do have to do your part, get through it, and take the worst times with a grain of salt. Majorly stressing over classes, boards, etc. Letting stress get yo you is worth the negative effects on your health--because if you're in poor health--how can you get others out of bad health?

Salvy Series - Part 3

This week's interview with a 10th trimester intern features...





Intern: Kelsey Botterman

Hometown: Huntley, IL

Interests: Nutrition, Acupuncture

What are your plans for after graduation?

After graduation I will be continuing at NUHS to finish the ND program as well as continuing to work on the MS in Human Nutrition degree through the University of Bridgeport. After completing these degrees, I hope to open my own practice in the Chicagoland area.

What is your favorite memory or most memorable experience at Salvation Army?

My favorite part of Salvation Army clinic was the feeling of community both within the "National Family" and with the patients. I really loved being able to bounce ideas for patients, practice or just life off of my fellow interns and clinician. It was an awesome experience having such a close-knit group that still all had their own interests and specialties to work with or just goof off with. I will definitely miss being with my Salvy family!


What words of advice would you give to incoming chiropractic students and people interested in the chiropractic program?

Try as many clubs and seminars as you have the time and/or money for! This can really help you to narrow down what you like (and don't like!) and will only make you a more well-rounded doctor in the long run.