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10th Tri Sets In

I can't believe we are approaching October! Where has this year gone? Another week has passed, and things are starting to wrap up here in clinic.

No one ever complains when we bring donuts to clinic!

Our 8th trimester interns are really getting the hang of things around here, and they're beginning to take on much more responsibility with new patient exams and learning the details of the clinic. One intern, Andrew, sat in with me on a new patient visit and since then, he has almost completely taken over treatment.

View of the city from Navy Pier

Being an intern is quite a comprehensive task! We build up our tools throughout the curriculum, learning to take a comprehensive history, perform a full-body physical, and develop a treatment plan for the patient with appropriate outcomes to achieve. Oh yeah, and actually treating the patient! There are so many other steps in the process, and our clinical internship is the time where we really perfect these skills. Teaching a new intern the ropes makes me realize how much responsibility we have as doctors, and it really has been a challenging journey!

Birthday dinner at Bub City

KC and I celebrating on Friday night

Over the weekend, I celebrated my 25th birthday with some friends and fellow interns. I made it to a quarter century! We listened to live music at Bub City, one of my favorite country music venues in Chicago. I don't think I'll ever get tired of exploring this beautiful city!

9th Trimester Comes to an End

I hope everyone enjoyed the past few weeks of the Salvy Intern Series! I think it's important to hear other students' experiences in the program and their interests. After all, we are such a diverse group of doctors coming from different curriculums and schools of thought, and that is what has allowed the chiropractic profession to persevere over the years!

It's hard to believe that that just three years ago, I was packing up my life in Ohio to move out to Lombard and begin chiropractic school. I remember being nervous, excited, and full of big dreams. As my 9th trimester dwindles down, I am optimistic about what the next months of my life will bring. I have had terrific experiences as an intern at the Salvation Army clinic, and I am confident that I have developed both my communication and treatment skills with patients. Working with such an underprivileged population has opened my eyes to what the world will be like outside of my educational bubble. I am so appreciative of all the people who have shared their stories and experiences with me over the past 8 months.


As I prepare to enter 10th trimester, my head is buzzing with thoughts. Will I find the right practice to join as an associate? Will my path lead me back to my home in Ohio where my family and friends are awaiting my return? Will I pass Part IV of the national chiropractic board exams? Will I graduate having gained all of the necessary skills and knowledge to be a successful chiropractic physician? When will my LOAN PAYMENTS kick in? There's a lot to think about during this transition.

What do I do when I have a lot on my mind? I go for a run. Yesterday, to prepare for the busy week ahead, I spent my evening running along the lakefront and enjoying the Chicago summer sunset. There's something so calming about being one person in a city of millions, being able to just blend in and savor each moment as it passes me by. So for the next few weeks, I will enjoy each day one at a time, continuing to learn from each patient I see and each experience I encounter.

Best wishes to everyone as they prepare for finals, board exams, and a relaxing fall break! 

Is It Summer Yet?

I know that discussing the weather is one of the most monotonous topics you can have, but it seems to be quite the topic these days! For the past three weekends in Chicago, the weather has just tanked from the sunny mid-80s to the rainy mid-50s. There's no doubt in my mind that the weather has a tremendous impact on a person's mood and well-being. Despite the dreary, chilly weekend with some very moody weather, I made the best of my time off!


One of my best friends, Michelle, visited from Ohio last weekend. I love having the opportunity to take friends around the big city and explore all Chicago has to offer! We did our best to sightsee the city from the Navy Pier Ferris wheel, however the fog was a little difficult to see through! We had the chance to spend Saturday afternoon on North Avenue Beach, and the scene was definitely a little more picturesque. :)


Life in 9th trimester is flying by! I'm finding myself constantly referencing old textbooks and notes, reviewing the best treatments for various musculoskeletal conditions and then applying them to patient care.


I've also found myself being much more focused on understanding Standard Process products and other various supplement companies. So many of the patients I see have underling nutritional insufficiencies, and even offering them a small dosage multivitamin can provide them with the building blocks for physiological function. As we've learned in school, addiction of any type has such profound effects on the physiology of the brain and the body, and sometimes the best treatments we can offer them are palliative care and supplementation to support overall health. Being in clinic is the perfect opportunity to try new things, figure out what works, and identify what doesn't. I have so much more to learn! :)

Wishing everyone a productive and positive week!

Wanderlust 108

In today's world, the human race has forgotten what it means to be in touch with our inner selves. With our fast-paced jobs, busy family schedules, and packed social lives, when do we find time to reflect on our purpose in life?


Wanderlust 108 is nationwide "mindful triathlon," bringing people together for a 5K run, outdoor yoga, and meditation session. This past weekend, I attended the Chicago Wanderlust festival with my friend Krissa in the beautiful Morton Grove Forest Preserve. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't exactly on our side that day, turning from a cloudy overcast to a cold morning rain. Talk about getting in touch with nature! Nonetheless, the festival prevailed and the hundreds of attendees enjoyed the morning of mindfulness.

Despite the wind and the rain, we participated in an amazing movement that brought together people from all across the Chicago area. Yoga in the rain brought about so much peacefulness, and I found myself feeling at one with nature. Joining together with hundreds of people, all there with a common purpose, was truly an uplifting experience. The practices of yoga and meditation give us the opportunity to connect not only with our physical bodies, but also our minds.

This week, as a beautiful new month begins, I encourage everyone to take a step back from your busy lives and find your inner Zen. :) Namaste!

A Beautiful Memorial Day

Welcome back everyone, after a long Memorial Day weekend! I had been looking forward to this break for months, as it was the weekend my parents and sister came to Chicago to visit!

My parents

Both my sister and dad celebrate birthdays in late May, so they wanted to come and spend one last weekend in the big city before I graduate in December and say farewell to the state of Illinois.

My sister, Dad, and me

Our activities included sightseeing, brunch atop the Hancock Building, listening to live Blues music at the world-famous Kingston Mines, and wrapping up the holiday with a home Cubs game. What's more American than baseball?

My sister and I at brunch

Actually, one thing that is more symbolic of America is our patriotism. Every year, we commemorate all of the fallen soldiers who have served our country, and far too often do forget that Memorial Day is a day of remembrance. As a future chiropractor, I may never serve my country the way that our brave men and women have, but I hope to do my part by serving our veterans.

Through the work of our professional organizations, we are fighting to provide chiropractic care to our veterans within the VA systems across the country. Not only are we working to provide care on base to our active military members, but also within the TRICARE system to retirees, dependents, and survivors of our military men and women. With our collaborative efforts, we hope to someday provide the care and services our soldiers deserve. It is such a simple way to show our gratitude and appreciation for their dedication to our nation.

Now, having had the opportunity to reflect on the loves ones lost for such a noble cause, we can stride forward to provide much-deserved care to our veterans who are still among us.