Week and Weekend Wrap Up

Classes are picking up and I'm beginning to find myself studying pretty regularly now. The first few weeks of the trimester, it's easy to occasionally glance at your notes and remember what the instructor was teaching. Now that we've compiled more material and midterms are upon us, I've been organizing my notes into binders and prioritizing my various classes, preparing for our first exams in a couple weeks.

2014-05-30_ohioPhysical and Lab Diagnosis (or as we like to say Phys DX) is the course I mentioned in my first blog, and it is definitely proving to be one of my favorite classes. This past week, we observed our instructor perform an ear lavage to dislodge and wash out any built up cerumen in the external ear canal. I can't imagine the noise of a water-pick blasting fluid in my ear for 30 seconds at a time, but believe it or not, it works! It appears to be a very effective way to increase hearing in people with conductive hearing loss due to "gunk" in your ear, and a lavage may actually be safer than the possibility of jamming a Q-tip into your tympanic membrane!

This week, we also completed our SECOND blood draw in phlebotomy lab, and I'm still alive! (With only minor bruising!) Now that our class has been taught the procedure, we're perfecting our needling techniques and still getting rid of the jitters that come with poking our classmates. :)

I must admit that the majority of my week was spent anticipating my trip back to Ohio for the long Memorial Day weekend. After class on Friday, I packed my bags and traveled to the Dayton area to visit some people very close to my heart. During my visit there, I slept under the stars watching a meteor shower, enjoyed a couple holiday cook-outs, and spent one whole afternoon canoeing down the river with friends. The weather was warm, the sun was bright, and the air was clean and fresh. It is weekends like these that make me so thankful for where I come from and the people I'm blessed to have still in my life back home.


Another week has passed, this one ending with a remembrance of all the brave men and women who have served our country and preserved our freedom. We are so fortunate to stand here today, to have the right to follow our dreams and the opportunity to pursue our goals. I can't wait to someday change other people's lives through healing and do my small part in giving back to the world.