A New Trimester and New Experiences

Welcome to my first blog! I'm very excited for this opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with you, and I hope you'll enjoy it, too. Feel free to check out my "About Me" section as well.

This week, I began my 6th trimester of chiropractic school. It's hard to believe that I've finally reached the half-way point in my education, with only 5 trimesters to go! I am currently in Phase 2, which consists of the clinical science aspect of National's program. My classes this tri include advanced adjusting technique lab, a handful of radiology diagnosis classes, and a physical and lab diagnosis class. My schedule begins at 8am every day, which is getting me in shape for the "real world," I like to think. Especially in the summer, there's no better feeling than getting an early start to your day, with the sun and chirping birdies outside serving as an alarm clock!


The class we have focused most on during the first week is physical and lab diagnosis. Since it is an 8 credit hour course, we meet for lecture and lab three days each week, and we're already moving right along with the curriculum. We began by reviewing some of the fundamental evaluations we were taught in our evaluation and management courses in previous trimesters. At this point in our education, we can never practice our skills enough. Our first week's activities consisted of performing vitals, a head and neck evaluation, and an eye exam. Fortunately, all of the diagnostic tools needed for these exams are included in our "doctor bags" that we were given when we entered the program, so the difficult part now is remembering to keep our ophthalmoscopes charged for class!

This week seemed to fly by! As the new Student Council president, I spent many of my lunch hours attending university meetings or leading discussions of my own. Our first Student Council meeting of the trimester is coming up, and I look forward to meeting all of the club representatives and incoming students in the professional programs. All students are welcome and encouraged to come the weekly meetings, and increasing attendance is something I hope to accomplish during my term.

With any luck, the weather will remain warm and sunny, and we can have another beautiful summer tri. Enjoy your week! :)