Come and Gone

Wow, it's already the end of the first week of classes. Our summer break of two weeks has come and gone and I wish we still had two more weeks. This trimester I am light on classes with only four and three clinic shifts. I guess I am getting a reprieve from the seven classes I took last trimester.  However, I am using my time to refresh on older material and to really study herbs.

I am taking Herbal Treatment Strategy, Western Nutrition, Herbal Formulas 2, and Business. My three clinic shifts are supervised under Dr. Xie, Dr. Fan and Dr. Zhu and Jia. I was especially excited to be under the supervision of Jia because she is emphasizes the importance of palpation in treatment. But enough about school for now, I'll get back to that later.

Top -grad4

The Summer 2010 graduating class was our biggest so far. Four students graduated from the Acupuncture program and three students from the Oriental Medicine (or Herbs program as the students call it, which is acupuncture and herbs together). It was a bittersweet graduation because my good friend Nicole graduated. She is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She also graduated the chiropractic program with her husband in December and they are opening their own business in Charlotte. Not soon after break started, I helped her pack her belongings into her car so she could drive back home. As students, we learn from class and each other and Nicole has taught me many things. I plan to visit Nicole and Andy in North Carolina and I will update you on their practice.

The other "herbal" students that graduated also have big plans. Andrea has left for China. Dr. Cai helped set up a 1yr program for graduates. The students go to China for one year and they teach English a few hours a week and the other time is allotted to follow clinicians in the University Hospital. It is not clear if the graduates can needle, but it is an extraordinary learning experience to see the integration of Western and Eastern in the hospital. The students are paid to teach English and they can use this money to travel on weekends or the two-month break they are allotted.

Margo also graduated from the herbal program and she has plans to go back to her home country of Poland. From what Margo understands, she might have to get a PhD to practice Oriental Medicine, but it is very accepted by the people in Poland. However, the European Union is also very strict in authorizing certain herbs to be used in practice, so she might have to modify her formulas to omit any animal products, however other herbs can be substituted. These ladies are intelligent and great with patients, and I wish them much luck in the future!  

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Note: The pictures are of Nicole and Mike (He graduated MSAc and is practicing chiropractic and acupuncture in Naperville, Ill.) and Andrea, Dr. Cai, Nicole, and Margo.

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