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Hey there! It seems like there is a family event almost every week in the summer, which sure makes it difficult to study. I must plan my study time accordingly.

First, it was my brother's birthday and the next day I spent the morning with my husband in Chicago. He had an Active Technique Release Seminar and Sunday was his last day in which they were tested on the 104 techniques they learned in three days. He passed!! We celebrated by walking down Michigan Avenue to Oak Street Beach to have an outdoor lunch looking at the water. I haven't been to the city in a while so it was a nice treat.

Back to studying when we arrived back home. My Formulas I class midterm was emailed to me and I started working on it since it's due in a week. A take-home midterm sounds easy enough, but it sure is time consuming. Our class agreed on a take-home midterm vs. a mini multiple-choice test. We all agreed that it would benefit us more by analyzing the formulas and comparing their ingredients and actions. This test is similar to a research paper in that what you learn is utilized in a way that it is put into long-term memory. Cramming for a test only holds the information in short-term memory, which will not benefit us.

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In clinic, I have applied some of the knowledge I have learned from Formulas. I had a patient two weeks ago that usually comes in for treatment for infertility but she had a come down with the "common cold." With help from Dr. Cai, I was able to prepare a formula based on her pathology and underlying constitution.

In Formulas class we start out learning formulas that disperse wind, cold, heat, and damp, and for those with an underlying different constitution, in other words, for different types of colds, flu, bronchitis, etc. Dr. Xie, my Herbs class professor, is a great teacher. He is thorough and relates the information to cases he has had or seen in clinic. He requires us to participate and apply our knowledge of herbs and diagnosis to the herbal formulas we are learning. This is rewarding because it has helped me in clinic and refreshes my memory on things I may have forgotten.

Well, I have a busy week ahead. Wish me luck!

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