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I can't believe it's the start of the fifth week of school already!

This trimester seems to be just flying by. I blame it on summer. I probably have the most amount of credits and a few of the hardest classes I have taken all rolled into one trimester. In the Midwest, there are not too many nice days during the year so when it's warm it can be hard to stay indoors and study. On top of that, the Hawks are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

I have "Herbal Patent Formulas" and "Herbal Formulas 1" together with all my other classes this trimester. Herbs are definitely kicking my butt and it is a little overwhelming.  I took last trimester off from Herbs because of a schedule conflict. That break has taken its toll. I definitely recommend staying on top of herbs classes, but also if you have the time to work in the herb room, it is a great benefit to becoming familiar with the many herbs you must learn.

National has three separate classes to learn individual herbs in order to learn up to 10 herbs a day to complete the more than 400 herbs in the "Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica" by Dan Bensky, the herb bible! The tests in Individual herbs class were not cumulative so it made it a little easier to swallow. In Formulas 1, we have learned 17 formulas so far and there's plenty more to come because we have only finished Chapter One! We have eight more chapters to go this trimester and we will complete the other nine in Formulas 2. The Herbal program is definitely for the herb lover at heart!

Every school has a different approach to how they organize and separate classes. Some may extend the herbal classes throughout the individual's program, which may sound easier, but even though I am a little nervous, I like the way National has set up the program. I believe an intern must have a solid foundation of Chinese medicine before they can understand how the formulas will affect an individual. After Herbal Formulas 2, there are many herbal seminar classes that are tailored to specific conditions such as gynecology, which will only build on the foundation of the herbal formulas we have learned. Plus, we have some of the best herbal masters here at National who are always willing to help guide you along the way.

For students on the fence about whether they want to complete the herbal program or wait until after they have completed their LAc, I wouldn't advise it for two reasons. One, taking all the classes together with the herbs classes not only helps you meld everything together more easily, but also gives you a better understanding. Two, when completing MSOM you will not only have to take the extra herb classes but also the extra six clinic shifts, which may interfere with your day job if you are a working professional already. So if your schedule allows it, definitely take everything together.

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