Like We Never Left

Welcome back! That had to have been the shortest 2-week break ever. I can't complain; I had an awesome break. I had never been to California, so over the break I shipped off to San Francisco for 5 days.

Wednesday morning, my pals Joe, Alex, Meghan, and I walked off the plane in San Francisco to mountains and water surrounding us. We did everything in San Fran, from dive-bar hopping through Chinatown at night, to renting bikes and biking through Golden Gate Park. As if San Francisco wasn't enough, we also hit Sausalito, Napa, and Sonoma, all of which were a wine-tasting blur.


I hope everyone had a great time celebrating Mother's Day. My mom is the sweetest person alive. I have no idea how I turned out the way I did (HaHa). My younger brother Zack and I washed Mom's car in the morning then took her to lunch in the afternoon. All in all it was a pretty great day, and most of all Mom loved it.


Last trimester we had to say goodbye to our 10th tri interns Mark and Katie. It seemed so empty in the office after they left. All that changed last Monday morning when we welcomed the incoming student interns, Khong Lamvichit, Brandon Fields, Sue Bedair, and Rachel King, along with our Lombard classmates Jeff Bourguignon and Dan Johns. The office is filling up almost as fast as our patient schedules, so I'm sure this tri's blogs will be full of helpful "Do's and Don'ts" for seeing patients. 

The break was one to remember, but it's time to throw my intern hat back on and get these patients better. It's easy to fall into a somber groove, but one must always remember why we are here--to help people. So as difficult as it is to get back to the grind, pull up a chair, open up a book and get the trimester off to a good start.