Midterm Routine

Hello, all. I hope everyone is surviving the onslaught of midterms that have been hurdled their way. I know we have seen a drop off in clinic appointments, last week and this week, for the students to fit in some last minute studying. These tests take a toll on everyone, so don't feel like you are the only one. 

Saturday, I was up bright and early with a cup of coffee, a banana and my Jurisprudence notes. My cheeks were planted in the chair at my desk from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday mornings working on midterm papers, presentations and studying. In this program, discipline is king, and it took me some time to train myself to sit in one spot for 4 hours straight staring at a computer screen or book. At the end of the day, you have to do, what you have to do; and if that means 8 hours a weekend of school work, you have to put your head down and barrel through it.

Study Break

The weekend wasn't all work. Of course, I had to play a little also. One of the perks of Florida weather is the outdoor festival. My grandparents and I hit the Spanish Fiesta Day Festival this weekend in Ybor City. The cigar factories of Cuba founded the city of Tampa when they were moved to the States to flee communism. The original city was Ybor City. Today, Ybor is a historical district with a ton of shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Cuban-Americans, Spanish-Americans, and Italian-Americans started the area, and a couple times a year the city shuts down the main drag in Ybor and holds a festival to celebrate these heritages.

Dex -Ybor Street
Spanish Fiesta Day in Ybor

We walked up and down 7th Avenue, ducked in shops, ate entirely too much food, and I even twirled my grandmother around to some of the salsa music being played by the bands on the street. Later that afternoon, my grandparents headed back home and my pals met me for some dinner and bar crawling. The weekend ended back at my desk Sunday afternoon, but at least I had some fun in the sun to balance out all the schoolwork.

Dex -Ybor Concert
Concert at Spanish Fiesta Day in Ybor

Lesson Learned

I'd like to end up this week's post with a story of a mistake I made last week in clinic, so hopefully no one out there makes the same one. As we've all been told over and over again, patient consent is paramount before rendering treatment. 

I had finished up with my history, physical exam and review of findings with a new patient, and began my discussion on the risks and benefits of chiropractic care and the adjustment. I finished, what I thought was a good explanation, and the patient consented to care. What I had forgotten to include in my talk was what the patient should expect to hear/feel during and after the adjustment; this was made apparent after I adjusted my patient's cervical spine for the first time ever. The patient was startled to say the least, and immediately started to tear up. There was no discomfort with the adjustment, just shock after hearing the resounding cavitation. Needless to say our clinician, Dr. Heiser, wasn't too thrilled with me forgetting that bit of information from my informed consent speech. The patient was quickly set at ease after a conversation on the nature of the cavitation and the mechanism behind the associated audible release or "pop," and even showed back up this morning for continuing care.

Remember, when you do something right with a patient, they tend to go and tell a few people, but when you do something wrong with a patient, they tend to tell a whole lot more. We are in school to learn through our mistakes, but always try to do your best and make yourself, and the profession, look as good as possible. I hope everyone has a good week, and kills all their exams.

Catch ya later,