Winning Weekend

Hello, all! I hope everyone enjoyed some killer football this past weekend. Looks like it's going to be a heck of a Super Bowl. Aside from watching the games this weekend, I celebrated my younger brother's birthday with him on Saturday at the Hard Rock Casino here in Tampa. I'm not bragging, but I did end up winning some dough, which was quickly spent at the bar thereafter. The weekend was short but did provide enough rest for classes this week, which are expected to pick up the pace now that all the introductions are over and done with.

Margo, Guy, and myself.

First Florida Student Clinic

This week is expected to pick up not only in the class department but student clinic as well. Margo, Guy and myself mark the first line of student interns produced entirely by the Florida campus. Needless to say, all eyes are on us to see how the program is progressing here in Florida. I for one am completely up for the challenge. I mean, after all, this is why I wanted to become a physician in the first place, to see patients and help them back to health as best I can.

Yes, I was pretty anxious the first day I had patients, but as soon as I stepped in the room, my training jumped into action, and I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. There were definitely areas of improvement noted, but with the guiding hands of Dr. Rudy Heiser, our clinician, and the help of our 10th tri interns, I have all the confidence in the world. The kinks will be worked out soon.

Through the first week of patients, I've realized how much knowledge I've accrued over the past 2+ years. The challenge now is putting all this information together, and implementing treatment and exam procedures adequately. Here is where I can offer some advice. Learning all these exams, the way they are performed, and what their outcomes should be and mean is a necessity, but knowing when to use these tests and how to interpret subtle findings is a whole other ball game. Practice is the only way to work on this skill. I advise grabbing as many different people as you can in your (limited) free time, and run through as many exams and tests as you can remember. I would stick with regional exams, and do your best to perform the exam in a jointed and structured manner. This will improve your flow of exam exponentially and really make it seem like you're a pro.

2012-01-25_guy _wedding
The newlyweds, Guy and Amanda. 

Wedding Congratulations

Finally this week, I'd like to congratulate our very own Guy Reshemwala, on leaving the freedom of single life behind, and forever binding himself to his new wife Amanda. As much as I usually discourage this type of behavior, I couldn't be happier for them both. Guy and I have had a bromance since day one of tri one, and will now have to keep our relationship professional (yeah, right) throughout the rest of our clinic journey.

Once again, thanks for reading and remember: Perfect practice, makes perfect.

Hope everyone has a great week,