It's Business Time

Hello all, hope everyone's weekend was a relaxing one. Last week finally concluded nearly three weeks of midterms for us. It was a stressful three weeks, filled with just about everything but sleep and free time, but we got through it and now look ahead to finals. 

07-12-2011-Classmates(L-R) Guy Reshamwala, Brandon Fields (Trimester 5 student), and myself at the SACA meeting. 

I've spoken before how National's focus on the sciences and clinical application of our skills tends to set it apart from most other chiropractic schools, but these aren't the only tools National teaches us to succeed. As far as I know, National is one of the only institutions that focuses on the business end of our profession throughout the curriculum as well. It is very easy to get lost in the incredible amount of clinical knowledge and skills we are amassing from trimester to trimester, and forget about an extremely important part of our lives after school--making money. Everyone that gets into the medical field has that underlying urge to help people, unfortunately, a good heart and good intentions don't often pay the bills.

This trimester's gambit of classes includes a business marketing class, which is preparing us, and forcing us to think about what kind of practice we want to open. Are you going to have a cash practice? How about sports medicine driven clinic? Is pediatric chiropractic something you are interested in? What is going to set your clinic apart from all the others in your area? We will be physicians when we graduate NUHS, but we will also have to be business people and small business owners as well.

The best advice I can offer here is to do your research! It's never too early to scout the area you plan to practice in. Begin to notice the major demographics of the area, and then start to focus on a field of care for them. Seek out some chiropractors in the area that have successful practices, and try to spend some time in their offices.

I personally I have three docs in my area that I cycle through and work with for a few days here and there during our breaks. This is not a profession for the shy. The saying, "It's not what you know, but who you know," does pertain to an extent. Try it out; you'd be surprised how much you can learn from other people's experiences.

Have a great week. The MLB all-star game is Tuesday; be sure to cheer on the reps from the Tampa Bay Rays!

Take care,