Welcome Back

Hey, everyone! Welcome back from a wonderful winter break! Winter break is always our best (and longest) break! I was able to head back to the Boston area and hang out with my family and friends and I had a blast. My buds and I all went into Beantown for New Year's and a shenanigans-filled night! You know you're going to be lifelong friends when you haven't seen each other in 4 months and it doesn't even feel like you spent a week away.


One of the highlights of my break was watching my youngest brother's hockey games! Jordan is just a wee freshman and he made our high school's varsity hockey team! This is a big deal, and I was extremely proud as he was following in my other brother's and my footsteps (we made varsity as frosh, too). The insane part was that there were a couple of injuries after the first game and one of the senior starters got suspended. Our first year coach, trying to build a program, decided to start my brother on the first line!! My family was wondering why he would do that but soon enough Jordan had played his first game and surprisingly skated like he belonged with the big guys! Jordan even scored his first goal in his first game as a starter! I was a proud oldest brother :)

So the new trimester is up and running. I'm on a full 4-trimester schedule now and looking forward to completing the basic science portion of the curriculum. I'm much more clinically-minded and heavy sciences, while important, are grueling and memorization heavy.

My favorite class so far is Dr. Ed Bifulco's cervical adjusting class (E&M). He's hysterical and equally competent as an adjuster, which makes class a pleasure, despite the 8:00 a.m. slot.

I hope everyone enjoys the short week and I'll see you next week!