Holy Cow!

Top -pizza

Week 1 is already in the books!

As with all trimester beginnings, this week has been a roller coaster week of events and adjustments. On a sad note, as you will come to know I am a HUGE Boston sports fan, and if you aren't living under a rock (or don't watch football) the Patriots lost to our bitter rivals, the Jets and their trash-talking (enter word of choice here:) coaches and players. 

Also quick note: the picture above is of me eating my first deep dish pizza in Chicago just before the starting kick-off (cross that off my bucket list!... yes, I take my bucket list very seriously lol). Note the full-of-excitement look, which I definitely wasn't wearing after realizing defeat and seeing Rex Ryan joyfully celebrating his win. There's always next year and I look forward to the Patriots having 3 of the top 100 picks in the upcoming draft! 

OK, back to school!

So without hesitation Trimester 2 begins with a solid lineup of 8ams and the aptly named "terrible triad." The triad is Neurophysiology, Neuroanatomy and Head and Neck anatomy. They get this nickname because apparently they are extremely demanding and have ridiculous rumors associated with them like 25 out of 47 people who took neuroanatomy last tri failed it! I can't confirm or deny that… Dr. Darby do you read these blogs? Lol. With that said, I will be giving it my all to make sure I'm not a statistic! 

As for my other classes I love my Evaluation & Management class and my Intro to Business class. The E&M class is finally the first class where we get to start doing the fun doctor stuff! It's on the chest and thoracic spine and features everything from auscultation of the heart to palpations to adjustments. I love learning adjustments because I am a very visual and hands-on type of person so hitting the books all day is only accomplished by knowing I'm not going to be studying neurophysiology the rest of my life. Adjusting patients and helping them heal and get healthy are my main passions.

Making time for clubs!

This week also featured a bunch of extracurricular activities including my first AK club meeting. I've been interested in Applied Kinesiology for sometime now and have finally made time to start going. We learned how to muscle test the Gracilis, Sartorius, Subclavius, and Upper Trapezius muscles. Muscle testing, according to the president, is really an art form that takes practice and this is one tool I'd like to learn in time for clinic so I'm starting now.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention my favorite club, Motion Palpation! The first meeting was Thursday and it is definitely a can't-miss club on campus if you want to be a great adjustor and refine your skills. We learned a seated palpation and the thoracic roll adjustment, which were great for preparing me for my E&M class this tri.  

First week - no tests!

The other best part of first week is that we don't have any tests - which means we get to socialize! My friends and I took full advantage of a long weekend full of some fun nights and a great dinner at this Italian place downtown. It's always a great night when you have to massage your cheeks half way through because you can't stop laughing! Who said school is all work and no play? My Dad's favorite saying: you have to have BALANCE.   

See yall next week!

Pura Vida!