Trip to Manitowoc

I'm at the point in the trimester where I've gotten into a groove with school and work, which is good due to the fact that it being summer, life gets crazy. I'm really comfortable with clinic now mainly due to the excellent mentors on staff. I also had my first exam of the trimester in the Radiology Management and Report Writing class. Studying for the exam was extra productive because it was a big review of a lot of concepts that will be covered on board exams that I take in September. 

This weekend my partner (Rob) and I traveled to my hometown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, for my little sister's wedding. We arrived Friday evening and went out for dinner at the Courthouse Pub with my best friend from high school, Emily. We received VIP treatment at dinner due to the fact that Emily works there, which meant there was no end to the food and drinks coming our way. After dinner, Emily's father joined us for a night of what's called "bar swooshing." Let me attempt to explain the concept; the night is a little blurry. All the bars in Manitowoc have a front and back entrance. So, one "bar swooshes" when they walk into a bar, check out the crowd and see if they recognize any familiar faces; if they do not, they promptly "swoosh" out the back entrance. Overall, it was a really fun night. We ran into some other friends from high school, and of course checked out several of the Manitowoc bars. 

My sister and I on her wedding day.

Saturday was my little sister's wedding day. It was a beautiful ceremony at St. Andrew's Church, which is where I went to elementary school. I may be a hopeless romantic, but the moment I most enjoy at any wedding is watching the bride walk down the aisle--a moment that I'm sure is filled with so much excitement, emotion, and joy all rolled into one.  

As soon as we finished with the litany of pictures required post-ceremony, I gave Rob the official tour of my hometown. The tour included a stop at the "big cow," which is literally a 20-foot cow statue outside the Cedar Crest Ice Cream Parlor. We also had stops at Lincoln High School, the Manitowoc submarine, and the lighthouse. The last leg of the tour was lunch at Four Seasons Family Restaurant, which is where my family and I would go to eat in the summer after water skiing. Every leg of the tour had stories and memories attached, which were really fun to share. 

The night concluded with the reception at the Autumn Ridge Golf Resort in Valders, Wisconsin. We arrived right on time, which apparently meant slightly late and ended up sitting at one of the children's tables. But let me tell you, the stories and things the kids had to say were hysterical and dinner was pretty entertaining. After dinner, my favorite part of the night started, cocktail hour(s). Rob was quite the trooper throughout the night as he met and mingled with the entire Backhaus clan. We both had a lot of fun catching up with family and dancing to all the classic wedding music.