Introduction to Internship

This week marked the start of my clinical internship, which means orientation week. There are so many rules, policies, procedures, forms, protocols, manuals, and responsibilities to go over before our first day with patients. And of course, since we are grad students and love taking exams, we have one covering the list above this first week. 

We were also introduced to all the clinicians/directors/mentors at the clinic and given a tour of our soon-to-be new work environment. The clinical internship is the start of what several upper tri students have called the "number's game." As of next week, I start accumulating numbers toward graduation on different procedures and techniques that I have mastered throughout my time here at NUHS. 

This week was also my first week of classes, and the great thing this trimester is I only have classes two days a week. Such a relief! Some of the classes include: Jurisprudence (aka business law), Dermatology, Clinical Natural Medicine, Doctor/Patient Relationship, Radiographic Positioning, Radiology Management, and Report Writing. It seems like it will be the first trimester where the class load should be very manageable. The remainder of my time will be dedicated to my patients in Student Clinic. 

Along with orientation and classes, I also had lots of organizing and unpacking to do from my move from Lombard to Chicago. I'm mostly done with the unpacking, but it seems as though the organizing may never end. Part of the organizing process involved switching my driver's license and car plates to Illinois. That's right; I'm officially an Illinoisan now. I thought getting those two things done at the DMV wouldn't take too much time, but four hours later I walked out frustrated and finished. The rest of my organizing was basically finding spots for all my things and doing some massive editing of stuff I don't have room for. The really fun part of the move has been exploring my new neighborhood, Lakeview, aka Boystown, USA.  

Spring has finally hit here in Lombard. It seemed as though winter was not going to let go, but the weather is consistently beautiful and warm every day. And since we have gotten large amounts of rain this spring, now that the weather is nice, everything is blooming and green! 

Some fellow NUHS students and myself enjoying ourselves the evening of my birthday.

Finally, this week I celebrated my 27th birthday, which I usually make a weeklong celebration. On Monday evening, my actual birthday, I went out for dinner at a wonderful Mexican steakhouse, Revolución. I capped the week off with a house warming/birthday celebration with good friends, good music, and great times in my new home.