Tri 9 Half Way Point

It's hard to believe that the trimester is more than half over already. Once you are in the last phase of this program, the time really flies. All your professors keep telling you that you need to be prepared for graduation early because even though you don't have class work to do you are still very busy. Busy with boards, busy with electives, busy with numbers, busy with things outside of school, and busy with planning what you will be doing post-graduation.

The patient load at clinic has been steady to busy most days. This is great for all of us interns because we are getting more experience and a good variety of patients. Also, there are little to no worries about finishing our numbers for graduation on time, which is a big relief. Being in a group setting with multiple interns and a clinician to bounce treatments off and get second opinions is great. It also has shown to be beneficial in that everyone has a particular treatment or therapy they are very proficient at. So we are all able to teach and help each other out when it comes to treatment plans and patient care. This makes for a very pleasant working environment at the NUHS Chicago clinic.

Treatment Room at the NUHS Whole Health Center

The past few weeks in my acupuncture elective course we have learned the lung, large intestine, and part of the bladder meridians. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a meridian is the belief about a path through which the life-energy "qi" flows. Through needling these points, you are able to either tonify or sedate the balance of qi in the meridian.  The lung meridian can be used for conditions such as cough, chest or shoulder pain, asthma, shortness of breath, palpitations, fever, and many more. The large intestine meridian is useful for symptoms such as bloating, swelling, constipation, emotional stopping-up, headaches, stuffy nose, or musculoskeletal pain. Finally, we learned a point on the bladder channel called BL 13, which is useful for colds, fever, cough, or flu-like symptoms.

The rest of my downtime has been dedicated to preparation for Part IV board exams, which are the second weekend in November. With Part I, II, III, and Physiotherapy now behind me, I am feeling much more confidant going into Part IV. Part IV exams focus mainly on skills learned throughout our chiropractic education including: radiology, physical exam, patient intake, and chiropractic manipulation. More details to come post-exams.