Double Incentive for a Summer Visit to NUHS

SoakupphotoSummer is here and if you are thinking about finishing your bachelor's degree it's a great time to visit National University of Health Sciences. This summer we are offering a visit incentive program called,"Summer Soak Up." If you visit our campus between May and August 2015, you'll receive a $500 tuition credit for our undergraduate BS program. That is double our normal tuition incentive.

You can attend a group event, or plan an individual tour specific to your interests.  Our convenient Lombard campus is gorgeous this time of year, and you'll experience first hand our fantastic facilities, sample a class led by one of our dynamic faculty members, and see all the great amenities available to you to help you further your education and career goals.

So this summer, while you're soaking up the sunshine, don't forget to soak up the savings by visiting National University. Click here to schedule a visit, or call the Office of Admissions at 1-800-826-6285 or email for more information.

A Biomedical Science Degree - Springboard for an Exciting Career

A bachelor of biomedical science degree can be the start of a satisfying career in a wide variety of job sectors. 

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That's why a degree in biomedical sciences is so valuable: It is versatile in today's ever changing job market, and can support your qualifications for wherever your life's path take you.

Come explore how completing your bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences at National University can open more doors in your future.

The Advantages of Finishing Your BS Degree on a Physical Campus

Graduation 4.13bIf you are choosing where and how to finish your bachelor's degree, be sure to weigh all the pros and cons before choosing an online program. There are many advantages to finishing your degree on a physical campus that you may not have considered. This is especially true if you are thinking about a degree in the sciences or are preparing for a future health care career. 

For example, here are some of the great advantages National University's bachelor of biomedical science program has over online programs: 

  • Graduate level health science laboratories. Finishing an anatomy course in a real hands-on cadaver-based anatomy laboratory is much more rewarding than studying drawings, photographs or videos online. Additionally, National University in one of the few leading universities that has The Anatomage Table, a state-of-the-art, life-size 3-D anatomy visualization table that allows hands-on virtual dissection on several axes, and a visual library of actual cases and pathologies to explore.
  • Convenient evening classes and the freedom to design your own degree by choosing any combination of courses from our curriculum. Most of our students are able to finish their bachelor's degree in as few as 16 months.
  • Direct contact with your professors who also teach in our graduate level programs. Many of your instructors have experience as practicing physicians or health care professionals, and are happy to assist you with questions on how to meet your career goals.
  • One of the largest regional libraries dedicated exclusively to the health sciences.  Our Learning Resource Center has a collection of over 18,000 books, 153 print journal subscriptions, 15,000 electronic journals and e-books, and 43 bibliographic databases.
  • University amenities such as an on-campus fitness center and free health services at our on-campus integrative medical clinic. As a student, you'll receive care from our clinicians and interns in our graduate programs.
  • Participation in student organizations. Our campus hosts several hundred medical students in our professional programs. You'll find lots of on-campus clubs for professional development, social outings, networking opportunities and community service.

In addition to the advantages of our traditional campus, National University does have a selection of online courses that you can choose from to augment your on-campus program. The online options at National University give you more scheduling flexibility when you need it, and are taught by the same caliber of faculty you'll be learning from in your on-campus courses.

Come visit National University and see the advantages a real campus can offer you!

Science Can Be Beautiful!

The world of scientific study can be dazzlingly beautiful. Check out the winning photos from 40 years of Nikon's annual "Small World" contest winners on CNN. These images are captured by a light microscope and called "photomicrographs." The field of study that works to capture these images is "micrography." The photos are not only a form of art, but can capture and illuminate important scientific data about the subjects.

Small Worlds Small Worlds2

If you can't get enough of micrography, here is a link to a listing of all the Nikon "Small World" galleries.

Campus Visit Day Gives a Taste of “Going Back to School”

Does going back to finish a bachelor's degree feel intimidating? Does it seem like an overwhelming decision - so overwhelming that you just keep putting it off?

A great remedy to cure your reservations about going back to school is to try a campus visit day or "student-for-a-day" experience.  Testing the college experience out for just a day is like dipping your toes in the water. You don't have to commit, but you can see if it feels comfortable, and you can have all your questions answered.

 ClassActually being on campus, meeting faculty and staff, and sitting in on a class, can dispel a lot of fear.  You'll probably be surprised how many other people, just like you, are deciding to go back and finish a four-year degree.  You'll also have a chance to see how much college may have changed since you left (e.g. new technology, Facebook groups, online course options).

National University of Health Sciences does a great job of immersing you in interactive and hands-on experiences during their Visit Day and Student For a Day events. We know you have lots of questions about course credits, financial aid, career opportunities, and how to fit our convenient evening classes into your already busy life. We understand what an important step going back to school can be, and provide as much support and information as possible to help you make the right decision.

There's no time like right now to set one day aside and experience National University. Our next Visit Day is Saturday, March 14, and we also have Student for a Day event scheduled for March 26th, and more throughout the year.